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  • Dogs found
    There is a Jack Russell and a Black Lab loose around 3rd hole. We have them in our garage at 106 Canewood Blvd. They were running up and down the road and golf course. They have broken shock collars on but no tag.
  • contractors
    Recently I have had two nails in my tires of two different vehicles. (roofing nails) in a years time.
    I have also had two windows broken from golfballs, Lawn mower accidents from contractors that service our lawn. how do we protect ourselves when these contractors refuse to pay for the damages they cause, and to keep them from further doing business in our neighborhood? We should start our own 'Angies List' of good contractors and notify shady ones to go elsewhere.
  • Brick Mailbox
    My family is new to Canewood and we were wondering if installing a brick mailbox is permitted by the HOA. Can someone point me in the right direction of whom to ask? Any information is greatly appreciated.

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  • stay classy canewood
    I would like to thank the 4 elderly ladies late Monday evening (5/12) for 5 holes of golf covering 2 1/2 hours. My wife and I caught you on the 14th tee and got to enjoy your round from behind without being waived thru. Even 20 min at a friends house could not give you enough time to get a one hole lead. Your explanation at the pro shop was 'we didn't see you'. A membership does not excuse rudeness. Stay classy blue hairs!!!!
  • Lost dog
    I have a lost shitzu dog - was found on the bould. on August 12 in the evening - she appears to be well trained and has a home - please contact me - Lisa- at the above number - she is white with some light brown spots across body and face - no collar - I will keep her at the house - 123 canewood blvd - hoping someone will claim. Thanks - Lisa Dutra
  • Bryan Walls
    178 The Masters
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  • Canewood Neighborhood Garage Sale
    Saturday, June 15 from 8am to 1pm
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  • RE Canewood HOA contact info
    Traci Bennett Board Member / Chairman
    Lee Jones Board Member
    David Johnson Board Member
  • HOA Meeting Scheduled
    HOA Meeting Oct. 29th at 6:30pm

    Location Western Elementary
  • HOA Contact Info
    Who would be the contact now for Canewood HOA? I have just bought a home in Canewood and am trying to figure out who to contact about the HOA. Does anyone have a name and number?
  • CRC
    I'm so proud of the fact that we all are Canewood Hoa Members!!! We all are represented by the attorney now.
  • pool
    B-4 I said hoa don't want pool opened and i meant to say we want the pool opened, but we have no control over that,bgm does.
  • Stop the Insanity CRC!!
    So, let's see the rumors are:

    One of the CRC leaders is very, very, very close to Luther and that is why SHE wants him to run Canewood. Hmmm...Very bad if true.

    Why is it a few control the destiny of many??

    Let the golfer play, settle this now and stop pushing your own small minded agenda's!!

    Stop this nonsense NOW CRC!
  • POOL
  • concerned resident of canewood
    What is wrong with you people, how do you call losing 50,000 dollars on your home being free at last. As soon as this course goes under that is what you'll lose 50 k. Have you been under a rock what golf course community in this country can you play as much golf and swim as much as you want for under 200 a month. Tell me because I can't find one anywhere. How much of your 1600 could Barlow and Don possibily spend while trying to take care of the course. Most courses of this caliber are more than 2 grand not to include your HOA fee. If you didn't want to live on a golf course you should have moved somewhere else. As for me I want the course to be here as long as I am. I'm a golfer whom plays at least 4 to 5 days a week this is why I moved here. I hope the New board members work something out soon I'm tired of paying 30 dollars 5 days a week to play elsewhere.
  • Canewood Community Garage Sale
    Nice to have, but not enough participants!
    Whoever is making the decisions of when they want it NEEDS to give a good month's notice and find every way possible to make sure everyone knows.
  • Open and Honest Responses
    The current HOA BOD has promised to give open and honest responses to concerns presented to them by the homeowners. This has not been the case. I have been trying since April 11 to get clarification of a statement made by Mr. Johnson at a meeting on April 9, but as of June 1 I have not received his response. Also much was made by the HOA BOD regarding the signature on the current lease - that there was only one signature. If signatures are so very important to them, why do they (all three) not sign the documents they send to the homeowners. This question was asked of the HOA BOD, but no open and honest response has been received. FYI, my check for 2nd quarter dues was returned to me at my request.
  • hoa dues
    From some of the comments here, it is my opinion that anger is being directed at the wrong parties. The Board of Directors that was in place prior to the new election on March 13, 2012 removed almost all funds from the HOA account prior to their leaving office - well, all but $196. So anyone who paid the whole amount of their HOA dues prior to that date or even shortly thereafter before things were transferred to the new Board, your money was used by Mr. Gibson and the Barlows for their own purposes and was not given to the HOA as it was supposed to be. So yes, the Barlows or the former board do have your money. The current HOA does not.
  • Canewood Neighborhood Yard Sale
    Greetings all - we are planning our annual neighborhood yard sale for Friday - Saturday June 1 -2 from 8 a.m. til ?? each day. An ad will be placed in the News Graphic that Thursday prior to the sale. Please put up signs for your address at front entrance. And spread the word via your email/txt contacts!! 'Happy Sale-ing!'
  • canewood hoa
    I take back the liar part, sorry if I offended anyone. After speaking with all three parties, everyone is just pointing fingers back and forth. I don't think anyone knows what is going on with the association or the funds. Canewood is a wonderful place to live and I will not sell (as I was told to do if I didn't like what was going on). I'm just upset that this could even go on in a neighborhood where adults live. Sorry for my rampage!
  • Canewood HOA
    To clarify things, Mr. Barlow does not have your money if you paid the full year. The Canewood Homeowners does and according to the Canewood Homeownes Association they don't have your funds either. So guess that means this is an endless cause. I have accepted that fact. Hope all parties involved feel like they have done the right thing.
  • Canewood HOA
    How are you suppose to get your funds back when they attorneys for Canewood Homeowners do not return phone calls? All three parties involved are liars (Canewood HOA, Barlow, and Wilshire). To think your neighborhood would steal from one another is so sad. All I want is my $800.00 back.. And to go to the clubhouse today to be told I can't play golf unless I pay!!Wow that is so wrong. I don't know how the hell you all lay your heads down at night. I tell you what I don't get a refund, I will never pay a dime to Canewood Homeowners again or anyone else, mark my word. I paid my funds to Canewood Homeowners Association, I shouldn't have to track my funds down, they should be honestly refunded.
  • Dues Due
    1st and 2nd quarter dues are due. That's it for the year. No one has to pay 1600. If you paid for the year at the beginning, Mr. Barlow does have all of your money and yes you would have to ask him to pay Mr. Wilshire on your behalf or refund your money. Mr. Barlow has all of our 1st quarter dues and some of our 2nd quarter dues. Those that paid 2nd quarter to the new HOA are funding leftover bills and expensed left to us by Mr. Barlow. If some of you paid 2nd quater to Mr. Gibson around the end of March, it's my understanding that has to be requested to sent to the new HOA. Dues for next year are currently under review.
  • HOA Dues for 2012
    I paid $1600 in February and Don Wilshire told me directly that I do not have a membership and cannot get a membership until he begins to receive the HOA dues again. He told me to go to the Barlow's for a refund. For lack of a better word this is extortion.
  • HOA Dues
    So are we still supposed to pay $1,600 per year in dues and still be subject to the full price at the golf course? If so then I'm not paying my dues OR playing golf here.
    Yea; you have no choice!!!
  • HOA Dues
    Can someone help me understand why I should continue to be a member of the HOA at $1,600 per year if I can not access the golf course.
  • Concerned Residents of Canewood
    I am quite concerned about the current controversy re: the HOA. Rumors are flying! Let me say that I am part of the group that has hired the attorney. Barlow, Brewer and Wilshire had presented the home owners a 'proposal' they wanted us to vote on without their giving us any specific information. They wanted to turn over the HOA to a third party for-profit company. This means that our dues can be increased at any time, for any reason, at the discretion of that company. We will have NO input on how our $ is spent. In addition, they have refused to let the home owners vote in our own Board of Directors, as was mandated years ago. Individuals have been going door to door spreading falsehoods about CRC (group with the attorney.) We DO NOT want to close the golf course. We want to protect it to keep the value of our homes intact. We are NOT trying to raise dues. We are not trying to 'spread hatred.' This past Friday the 'proposal' was passed by the current board members without allowing us, all home owners, the vote we were supposed to have on 3/13/2012! Someone has posted here about being turned away from a meeting with our attorney because they wanted to speak with the attorney before throwing 'a lot of money at him.' Please understand that because of the underhanded methods being used by the developer we have had to be very careful about our meetings with the attorney. Any member of CRC will be more than happy to present you with the facts regarding this situation. We have all paid a quite minimal amount to retain our attorney. We do not want to shut out any of our fellow homeowners! We've just had to be very cautious. Any of us will be happy to present the facts without any opinions or feelings attached. You can them compare them with the information presented by the current Board Members (Barlow, etc.) and decide for yourself. Please keep in mind that many falsehoods have been been told about the Concerned Residents of Canewood. That is why we've had to be so careful about letting individuals who have not contributed to the attorney fund into our meetings; we are quite concerned about the Barlows and their 'group,' getting information that would help them get what they wanted. However, without our consent (or yours) they passed their proposal anyway.
  • Concerned Home Owners
    Concerned Homeowners, Many of the homeowners here have hired an attorney to represent us as we take control of the HOA. Meetings with the attorney are limited to homeowners who have paid to have the attorney represent them in the negotiations with Barlowe Homes. If you were turned away then it was because you had not signed on to have the attorney represent you. Please send any questions to this e-mail address,, and we will be happy to answer your questions concerning the upcoing legal actions against the developer. The developer is planning on selling our HOA to a third party company where once again, you will have no voice in any decisions, this will also be followed by an increase in your dues as the 'For Profit' third party takes the place of a 'Non Profit' homeowner ran HOA. Defend your rights and your families rights. Join the CRC.
  • Pressure Washing/Roof Cleaning
    Hello I am the owner of Clean It Up Pressure Washing. I would like to tell everyone in Canewood that I am running a 25% discount on all my services right now. I clean vinyl, aluminum, concrete, roofs(low pressure) etc.... Please give me a all today to schedule your free estimate and don't let this great deal pass you by. Let me help keep your community looking its best! 606 748 2322
  • Need clarification
    Can someone help me understand the letter we received in the mail from an attorney on behalf of the HOA? Also, I understand that a group of homeowners have hired an attorney over the fees and other issues. I would love a short and sweet 'he said/she said' comparison of the pros and cons of each. Thanks in advance for any insight !
  • missed meeting
    Tried to attend the concerned citizens meeting 2nite to actually talk to an attorney before throwing hundreds of dollars at him. I'm funny that way. Turned away at the door. Good luck folks.
  • entry median
    I don't understand why the median on the main thoroughfare has been let go so much. It was always quite pretty but now to see no flowers, and then these 'blankets' of mulch, or dirt, whichever it is that goes the entire width of the median is so unsightly. Why do we have to have this kind of ugliness?? Is it too much to ask that they mow around trees? Or has our 'common areas' become a drain on the 'business' that has been contracted to maintain them? Someone please explain. I miss our beautiful entrance!
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    Held at Wilshire’s in Canewood, enjoy the warm and inviting ambience of the historic home of General John Payne, and linger under the moon on the outside patio.

    Costume attire optional for pets and people!

    Tickets are $25 per person. To RSVP for Whiskers and Witches, email or get your tickets at the door!
  • Flowers/Could be Worse!
    Yes, in Paynes Landing, pine trees in median have been replanted, but since no one follows up with watering or lawn care, they die again. Also saw a rusted tire-less bicycle in the median for over a week - almost picked it up myself when it disappeared, to be replaced by a jacket/blanket - something else discarded. Even when we were renters years ago, we picked up after ourselves and our children!
  • Fall Neighborhood Yard Sale?
    I was just curious if a date has been set for a fall neighborhood yard sale? I live in the Reserves and haven't been able to have a successful sale, unless it's held at the same time as a neighborhood sale. Please post info when a date has been set. Thanks!
  • flowers
    I agree the flowers are nice. Been here 8 years and was promised every year we would get flowers on our corners too NOT. Now the pine trees have grown up compleatly blocking our veiw of the golf coarse. Seams they could at least trim them up to keep unconciderate golfers from using them for restrooms. I liked the veiw of the golf coarse not the urnal
  • State Reg. Childcare Provider
    An opening for in home childcare. Ages from 6 weeks to 3 years old. I live over in the Paynes Landing Area. If interested please e-mail at
  • flowers
    We have always had such a pretty entrance to our subdivision and flowers planted on each median end. Why were none planted this year? It looks so barren coming in - Does anyone know why there are no flowers this year?
  • Could be worse!!!
    Canewood, drive through Paynes landing sometime and see: dead trees, un-kept empty lots, cars parked in yards, rentals everywhere (thanks Quality +). Oh ya we pay a small HOA, but Barlow runs it and does nothing to make it better!
  • Best neighborhood in the county
    I thought I would add my .02 worth for those looking to make their home at Canewood. I've lived here for over seven years and continue to love it here. My wife and I had a seven year plan when we built here. We thought we would be gone by now just so we could continue to move 'up' in houses/investments but the truth is that we can't find anyplace that beats Canewood...and trust me, we've looked. We find ourselves very satisfied with our home, our lot (right on the golf course) and especially our neighbors. We have small children and it is so nice to have kids their ages that they can play with. As a result, we've met a lot of great responsible parents. We love the pool (wish it were bigger) the golf course, Wilshire's restaurant, and the beauty of the neighborhood. We've decided that we will be here until our kids are grown and out on their we're going to be here awhile. Nothing in Scott County comes close to Canewood.
  • Canewood Neighborhood Yard Sale
    Canewood neighborhood yard sale
    May 20 and May 21
    8:00 until ????
    will be advertised in shopper and News-Graphic
    For information you may call 859-533-1982 or 859-230-2526
    Flyers will be distributed
  • RSMS Transportation
    Looking for highschool student who can pick up two students an drop off at RSMS. Also pick up an bring home. I live on Gen John Payne I will pay $25 a week!! I need ASAP!
  • Don't be scared
    Like an old wiseman once said at a previous HOA meeting. 'If you don't like it here MOVE!' You are probably one of those who owes HOA fees anyway....Please go to Cherry Blossom!!! You can give easier directions to your house...You will just up from the VALVOLINE oil change place; or I live across from Wal-Mart; or even We live behind the GOLDEN CORRAL.....If you don't like Canewood; GET THE HELL OUT & STOP COMPLAINING....You probably moved here from behind ARBY'S anyway...........
  • RE: Scared to Death
    I agree with 'Good People in Canewood'. I have great neighbors and think that a few people complain way to much on this message board to make it look like the majority.
    A bypass is a road that will eventually encircle the neighborhood and will cut into hole #8. I beleive there is already a solution to adapt the hole and others so we're par 72. It's not ideal, but not sure it will negatively affect home prices at all, but a realtor should comment. Maybe during construction, which I am not sure when that will be? Seems like it has been every spring for the last 5 years.....
  • Good people at Canewood
    For those who are thinking about moving here and are scared off because of this site, please think again. This is not the Canewood HOA site. This is just a site a local realtor set up. The majority of people who live here don't post to this site. It is just a few. The real Canewood site has Accounting info and other things people are looking for. I personnly love living here. We have been here for 4 years. I have some of the best neighbors. We chose this community instead of Cherry Blossom because everytime we drove through here there were always kids out playing and people out doing things. You can have a basketball hoop in your driveway! We have a lady that used to organize community things like garage sales and send out a news letters but it's my understanding she has some personal health issues and can't do all of the wonderful things she used to. The HOA doesn't do the 'fun' stuff so if anyone would like to step up to the plate...........
    This is the official Canewood HOA site
  • Scared to Death
    I am in the process of relocating to the area from Vermont and thought of Canewood or Cherry Blossom as a nice choice to buy a home. We both golf and loved the looks of the homes we saw. After coming across this board, I am scared to death to buy a home in this community. It seems there is so much bickering and unhappiness with your HOA, some guy you refer to as His Majesty, and this bypass? What is a bypass? A road, that is planned to go right thru the golf course? What will that do to home values and the golf course?
    Sorry, but I think that for a public venue, everyone might want to think twice about what they post here as it is out in the public domain.
  • Trick or Treating
    Is Canewood Trick or Treating going to be Saturday night or Sunday night? (and I assume the standard 6 to 8)
  • Pick It Up!
    You know who you are, you are the ones walking your dogs or just letting them out to do their business on other peoples lawns or on common property.

    If you want the pets, clean up after them.

    There is a beautiful pond on the Payne's Landing side of Canewood, kids play there, people fish there and just stop to enjoy it.

    But yet everyone thinks it is OK to just let your dogs do their business there??

    Get a grip folk's, clean up after your pets like the responsible citizens of this fine community do!

    Lets make Canewood a better place for all.
  • Accountable/ Dues
    The dues varies depending upon whether you are in Don Wilshire's good graces or not. He will also do your yard for free (which is not free it is at the homeowners expense since he uses golf course supplies and equipment) if you are one of his buddies. Just ask David Trimble how much he pays for yard work and for dues or if he has ever paid dues since he has lived in Canewood.
    I keep hearing that the dues vary? How much do they vary and shouldn't be the same for everyone?
  • just my opinion
    but.......i would really rather NOT see tacky blue herald leader tubes stuck all over our nice uniform black mailboxes. just my opinion
  • Election 2010
    With the 2010 election only a month away please get out and vote. I was sorry to see how personal this campaign has become since Mayor Sames different signs at Wilshire's keep being taken down and the third one has now gone missing. Don Wilshire had given his permission for her to place one there. This is still a free country and everyone has a right to their opinion and choice. I would never take another persons sign down and am disappointed that whoever is doing this must be very insecure!
  • Accountable
    I have copies of the bylaws and covenants and they state that there should be an annual accountability of dues taken in and paid put. My question is why the board and Barlow still refuse to comply.
  • To 'Accountable'
    The time has come to attend the HOA Advisory meetings. I chose to contact EMG about 6 months ago to find out when they were held and if any homeowner could attend. The answer, yes all homeowners can attend and meetings are generally held every other month. You can find the exact date on Any homeowner who registers will also have access to such things as the articles of incorporation, bylaws, restrictions and covenants by address and much more. Get registered, become informed, and participate in the meetings. I decided it was better to become part of the solution rather than to bellyache about things without doing sufficient diligent to uncover the facts.
  • To 'Just Wondering...'
    The covered patio is available to Canewood residents when it is indicated in the covenants in the neighborhood where you reside. Simply get with Don Wilshire in advance with the date, time, and nature of your event and arrangements can be made to use the patio. And yes, preliminary plans are being developed to build another covered patio (not at HOA expense I might add). Call or stop by and talk to Don about this or register at to have access to the most current information about your Canewood neighborhood.
  • Accountable
    I will show up to meetings and give my opinion when the time comes that it matters. It is time that the members of the Canewood HOA receive an accounting of the collected dues from inception and then an accounting of how the money was handled dollar for dollar. If that cannot be done, which evidently it cannot, then we are being cheated and robbed by liars and theives and by people who cannot be trusted. When we are able to vote decent people on to the board then maybe things will be done honestly and with integrity but until that time we will continue to be lied to and robbed. There will be a time when enough people come together and decide to sue the board members and others responsible for their failure to be accountable.
  • lot of houses for sale including mine but I selling so I can retire early and move back home to grayson co. If you have a golfing family you can,t beat the neiborhood even with the hoa fees its cheep for a nice golf coarse with unlimted golf for your whole family. If intrested I,ll show you mine. hate to leave but with back problems cant swing no more. Made a lot of freinds playing golf here and enjoy the quit areas we live in
  • NO YOU DON'T!!!!
    All of the homeowners in the RESERVE DO NOT PAY THE SAME DUES as the rest of us. That was his Majesty's bait & switch tactic at the HOA meeting a couple years back. Now we're stuck with his backroom deals......And if you are paying full dues YOU GOT STUCK TOO!!!
  • Reserve Does Pay Dues
    I live in the Reserves and we pay the same dues as the rest of the neighborhood. As do all of my Reserve neighbors.
  • Go to Cherry Blossom
    You would be a better fit for Cherry Blossom living behind the Golden Corral....Or, you can just stay where you're living now behind Arby's!!! WIN-WIN!!!! No drama either........
  • Being Accountable
    If you want to be accountable, show up at the HOA meetings & ask questions, give your opinions, share your view points!!! Speak up and be ACCOUNTABLE!!! Otherwise, sit back & be quiet...........
  • Reserve Living
    Since alot of the folks who live in the Reserve don't pay the same dues as everyone else, I agree, you should like the Reserve. His Majesty didn't give the rest of the homebuyers in Canewood sweetheart deals like he did his neighbors back there. You don't pay the same dues yet you're allowed the same benefits, violate many of the HOA bylaws....Yep!!! I see why you like it........
  • Reserve Living is Great
    I personally live in the Canewood Reserve's and love it! Everyone I've met is super friendly. In fact, some of my best friends are my neighbors.

    Keep in mind, people don't typically comment on the good things, it's only when people are frustrated that they comment on this board.

    Best of Luck to you!
  • Accountability
    It is time that we all come together as an association and enforce the bylaws. They state that the board be accountable for the spending of the dues collected each year. It is time we require that the board be accountable for the dues paid since the inception of the hoa. We need to know how much has been collected and how it has been spent. There is not a court in the country who would not agree. ACCOUNTABILITY!!!!
  • Thinking of Moving to Reserves
    My family and I was thinking of building a home in the reserves area. We curently live in a small gated community that we love. After looking at this message board I'm not sure If I can deal with all he drama that seems to happen out here. My family loves to play golf and I personally love the resteraunt but maybe Cherry Blossom will be the better choice.
    Can the Fiscal Court, Judge Exec. help get the bypass redirected around the school. It appears to me the Fiscal Court has more pull with state legislature issues than the mayor & city council...They actually lobby DOT on highway issues.........
  • Need Information
    With the most recent bill for HOA dues there was a letter titled 'Canewood News'. It states 'In addition to the Advisory Board, the Association has an Audit and Finance Committee that needs volunteers.' Interestingly however there is no contact information on how to volunteer for this committee. It just says to contact management if you have an interest but there is not contact information. How do we get that information?
  • Worker Parking
    Why can't the golf course workers park in the parking lot??? All we need is a fajita wagon parked on the curve & we could pass for downtown Tijuana!!! Come on Don!!! Do something with your workers..............
  • Lawn Equipment on The Masters
    Is there anyway to have the lawn care service park somewhere other than on the turn (close to #10) on The Masters? It blocks some of the road and it really is hard to see around that curve in the first place. Thank you!
  • Message board info sharing
    When you really read the comments made by various people, they actually do share information to improve the neighborhood. For example if the golf course equipment was parked in the back where it should be/DONE. If yard sales were orderly & cars not parked all over the street & in driveways/DONE. HOA code enforcers do their jobs/DONE. The humor is what tunes people into this blog...However, I do support $1.00 beers.
  • Whose opinion counts???
    So if you are for Yard Sales your ideas are good & make alot of sense. BUT, if you against yard sales you are rude & stupid. Well I am against neighborhood yard sales because I also agree that we should not be enticing those people in Georgetown who only come to Canewood to do unsavory things... Now if the resturant put up a sign at the entrance for $1.00 beers what kind of people do you think would be cruising our streets???Highly siphisticated people who want to enjoy our resturant & neighborhood or drunks???
  • Annual Tractor Pull
    I see this year if you want to participate in the annual golf course tractor pull, just line your John Deer up next to the cart barn...Thats where the home team has their 2 beautiful looking blue Ford tractors staged for the main event....You'd think they'd mow the empty lots first.............
  • yard sale
    I agree with Lisa and Hubby. I approached the HOA at the last meeting and asked about the annual neighborhood yard sale. I was laughed at. 'The HOA is responsible to make people socialize (and organize a yard sale)'. I was mad at first for the ugly comment, then I laughed and bit my tongue. I took it upon myself to start getting others to join me and make a 'multi-family' yard sale. I did my best to get signs out early so others could join, but bottom line is my money paid for the newspaper ad and I did the thing when it was convenient for me. Sorry if anyone was left out.
    As for the annual event scheduled same weekend every year, I like it. Cherry Blossom does it with much success. They have a committee, charge a small fee to sale, to cover ad costs, and it works well.

    thanks to Lisa for being willing to take on the email list.
  • Isn't this message board to share info?
    I'm just curious why some people have started to use this message board to make degrading comments about our neighbors? Isn't the purpose to resolve issues, share neighborhood information and seek advice from neighbors? I don't see how making rude comments to one another is going to make anything better. We are all grown adults here... some of us should start acting like it!

    Now, about the Neighborhood Yard Sale, I like the idea of having set weekends in the spring and in the fall. Example: 3rd weekend in May and 3rd weekend in September. If I know something is coming up, I can plan for it and so can our neighbors.
  • My Thoughts/Yard Sales
    That was one of the dumbest posts I've ever seen on here.
    Why would you think only 'riff/raff people go to yard sales?
    I live here and very much enjoy them. And by the way, I've never lived in a trailer park, but even if I had, I'm sure that doesn't label one 'riff/raff!
    The annual BIG-en BASS TOUNEY must be getting underway soon...When did the HOA start allowing boats being parked in driveways??? Whats next? Mo-BILE homes??? Pretty we'll see a 24' Sail Boat parked somewhere in the middle of the road or a 28' boat parked in empty lots!!! Doesn't anyone enforce the HOA rules afterall we pay enough & we shouldn't have to look at these eyesores!!!!
  • My Thoughts/Yard Sales
    My thought are, why do we invite all of the riff-raff in G-Town to come to our subdivision only to have them scope out what homes to rip off....Enough!!! No more neighborhood yard sales....Move back to the trailor park & have a yardsale....
  • Yard Sale
    Maybe a solution to letting all the residents know about 'Neighborhood Yard Sales' would be to have set dates.
    Everyone would have plenty of time to get their things ready and we'd probably have good participation which is good for all.
    I know I need time and knowing it's coming up it would be a good motivator!
    What are your thoughts?
    I think one in the Spring and another in the Fall would be great.
  • Graffiti Golf Path
    The path that lead to hole 12 was spray painted next to my house it says 'landon is gay' on it. I know who did it. And where they live. If don or the cops want to know who it was please call 859 707 2664 . The two people were Tyler Tevelde and Zach Deering. Zach lives at 103 st Andrews way at the bottom of the round about.
  • I agree
    Funny how people when they leave Canewood still get on here & talk smack....$1600 HOA is stiff; however, if you had to worry about paying the HOA fee, you couldn't afford to live here anyway!!! Living behind the Arby's is alot cheaper, good riddens!!!!
  • yard sale
    lisa and I were very disappointed about the inability to let our entire neighborhood know about the yard sale but that is because the yard sale gets zero financial support from the hoa even though the majority of homeowners support the annual sale. a few homeowners who live close together chose to do their best to get it together without having to pay too much out of their own pockets yet still give as much notice to all of the neighborhood. we had a limited email database to send it to and perhaps thats because the association which is to benefit the homeowners actually doesn't have the ears of the homeowners. please email my wife, lisa at to be included on the yard sale list and other positive news.
    Just go away!!! You probably stiff the HOA out of the $1600 & probably more...Truth be known your idea of eating out is going to ARBY'S then walking back to your trailer to watch your 22' flat screen!!!!
  • Neighborhood yard sale
    I was wondering when the neighborhood sale was going to be?
  • Neighborhood Yard Sale?
    Has anyone heard or know what the dates are for the spring neighborhood yard sale? It's usually in May every year, but I haven't heard anything about it or received a neighborhood newsletter in a really long time. Any info is greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  • Sidewalks
    The sidewalk in front of my house on the masters is in need of replacement. Is that something I can call on the HOA to help with or is that gonna be an out of pocket expense for me? Thanks in advance for any feedback. Stan Stanford
  • April 12th meeting
    I was traveling out of state this week and missed the meeting. Any highlights?
  • Goodbye Canewood ! :)
    I'm so glad I moved from Canewood! I can spend the $1600 to go on vacation this summer instead of giving it to those thieves that run the Canewood HOA. People please consider moving before the bypass comes through the golf course. It's not to late even if you do have to take a loss on your home. As long as Barlow and his friends are in control of Canewood it will never get better. They are all a bunch of crooks!
  • HOA Meeting - Mon. April 12th
    This is just a reminder. There is an HOA meeting Monday at 6:00pm in the pavillion next to Wilshire's. This will be the perfect place for anyone to voice their concerns or share suggestions.
  • I have been reading many of the posts this evening and feel like I can clear up some of the issues.
    1. Roads - the developer has not turned the vast majority of Canewood over to the city as of yet - so city maintenance on our interior roads will likely not happen until then. Yes we'll get salted and plowed but we will not get pot holes filled or curbs repaired then.
    2. The Bypass - I fought long and hard over this - in the end politicians and folks who do not live here made the decision to run the bypass through our golf course. I threw down $5000 of my money and several other home owners contributed as well to hire a lobbyist in Frankfort. It worked a little bit - but only delayed the inevitable. The bypass is still heading this way as soon as the state comes out of it's financial abyss. Likely the money for 'right of way' purchase will go out this fall with construction starting in 2011.
    3. Wilshire's - I like the place and what Don has done to the old house.
    4.Our HOA - needs a great deal of work. If you take money from folks you'd better be prepared to tell them what you did with it. Our board knows better and can do better. I have not been impressed with EMG at all.
    5. Dues increase ~ I would not have minded the dues increase if they could have articulated the need a bit better. I am not happy about it but its done. I suggested that the HOA board come back to us at the next meeting and show us what they have done to cut expenses and justify the dues increase. It's very easy to waive your hand and increase taxes or dues - the hard work comes in doing the work and making the sometimes painful decisions to avoid those increases.
    OK now here comes a shameless advertisement:
    I am running for city council and would appreciate your vote - please feel free to peruse my web site
  • WHY NOT?????????
    If the HOA fees aren't for road maintenance also where do our fees go? Oh thats right, His Majesty has never given the HOA homeowners an accounting of the monies received. Fuzzy numbers he calls it & now he says he has nothing to do with the HOA. Maybe its being invested in our neighborhood Bar & Grille...
  • WHY NOT?????????
    If the HOA fees aren't for road maintenance also where do our fees go? Oh thats right, His Majesty has never given the HOA homeowners an accounting of the monies received. Fuzzy numbers he calls it & now he says he has nothing to do with the HOA. Maybe its being invested in our neighborhood Bar & Grille...
  • why would anyone.....
    why would anyone think that homeowner association dues would be spent on city street maintenance? Our subdivision is an annex of the city.
  • Clean roads
    When you increase the HOA fees, we expect you to perform the promised services that are associated with this hefty bill. So please, plow and salt our streets. I don't think that I am asking too much here...
    Tried & Failed! I was at those meetings & you didn't do anything! Your husband TOLD YOU, 'We have to live here, so stop.' You failed everyone! Everyone was ready to kick in the money & YOU disappeared Ms. High & Mighty! You were probably a spy anyways......
  • Let HOA Implode
    It appears to me the homeowners can or should be able to out vote these moron board of directors on when & how much the HOA fees should go up, if at all. If we the homeowners didn't vote for an increase or overrode this nonsense, it appears the whole mess would implode & the HOA would dissolve... Is this at all possible?
  • A message to the Board
    I promised myself I would not get caught up in all the hype of the message board and not vent anonymously, but after several attempts to get information from EMG, I’ve decided to join the ranks and offer my opinion on the HOA business. I made several attempts to get information from EMG before going to the bulletin board. I know the Board reads this so maybe they’ll get this message. First, this is not a personal attack on the Board of Directors (David Trimble, Mike McDermott, Mary Lou Haggard, Don Hillock, David Klee, Jim Barlow, and Don Wilshire – BTW, I had to ask Gibson for this list; It isn’t published anywhere). However, I offer constructive criticism to the Board and how we might change the HOA’s current business plan. I missed the last HOA meeting; had to work. I read on this message board about the $1600 dues. I contacted EMG for minutes to read. Edwin Gibson told me, “I cannot take the time to provide detailed information to everyone homeowner who cannot attend these meetings, because that is the purpose of the meetings.” Further he said, “The Advisory Board does keep minutes of their Director meetings, but I am not at liberty to share them without their express authorization.” Apparently the decisions about the budget are made at closed door meetings not announced to the general membership. What a shame. (BTW - this is the same management company that fought the little old lady in Lexington over a flag pole and busted me over a contractor’s remodeling sign but can’t seem to manage a web site, do a newsletter, or file a lien to get dues paid.) I do have concerns about the increased dues. I also have concerns about the drop in “community” events. My first year in Canewood we had neighborhood yard sales, quarterly meetings, a monthly newsletter stuffed in the mailbox, events at the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. Don had the grills fired up and everyone was up at the pool. This year I can’t remember getting a Canewood newsletter, we don’t have a website to get information, we didn’t have a single yard sale, and the only neighborhood events were promotions at the restaurant. Speaking of the restaurant, I want everyone to know how important it is that Don’s venture succeeds. If his restaurant thrives, we all benefit from the increased promotion of the golf course and Canewood as a great neighborhood to live in. I am happy to see “the bar”. I don’t like the signs on US460 either but can live with it if it helps the restaurant and ultimately, the golf course. (BTW, they’re defined as off-premise signs by local ordinance and illegal – just call P&Z) I am, however, disappointed that almost immediately after Wilshire’s opened, the pro shop was remodeled and they removed the snack bar. Now if you want a hot dog or hamburger, you have to buy it from the restaurant. I do think the golf course is losing money due to the lack of concessions in the proshop. Back to the Board, we do need some change. I was mad to finally get “official notice” of the due increase in a half-baked newsletter stuffed in the bill. We need open board meetings, where the members can comment to the board BEFORE votes are taken. In our “newsletter”, it mentions that the Developer is no longer able to support the deficit in the HOA budget. (By the way, if you want to see the full budget for 2010, contact Gibson and request a full, expanded version, not just the summary provided in the dues bill.) I can understand that. The developer finished this development years ago; he should be able to walk away and have it stand on its own – time to kick the baby birds out of the nest. If that is the case, it is time for open election of officers and Mr. Barlow and the other appointees should step down. If we are going to carry the load, we should CARRY THE LOAD. People on this message board have good ideas about how to make cuts, reduce costs, and structure dues. I’ll admit going to a HOA only membership like Cherry Blossom is scary because the golf course may not survive. On the flip side, maybe a lot owner only - owner plus pool - full membership structure may increase payments and reduce the number of non-paying members. We also need to look at the sub-leasing of memberships. I do not think it is fair to allow a Canewood resident to sell their golfing privileges to a non-resident for less than $1600. I know of several non-residents that pay a sub-lease to a member for $500 and less. That is not fair. Sell a full membership to them – that will increase revenue. I’ll close with a warning to everyone. Our neighborhood doesn’t have a website. If you google “Canewood HOA”, this message board comes up. Back when I bought my house, I found this board but back then the only controversy was the bypass, and I knew it was not near my house. Now, you read all of this other stuff. It isn’t the amount of the dues that are scaring off buyers, it’s these rants for all to see.
  • Where do we sign?
    I love the idea of signing a petition in support of real change to Canewood. I haven't seen one, I live on Agincourt Place. I was on the committee to explore getting an attorney and forcing the books open. We ran into problems finding an attorney that was willing to take on Barlow. We were advised however that he has screwed up other HOA's that he has been involved with. Just a thought here, but, an alternative approach for geting more signatures may be to have the petition available on a given day, at a set location for X amount of time for supporters to come and sign instead of the door to door approach (which appears to be missing many people according to postings on this website). It is definitely time for a change. I know our house cannot continue to feed the greedy giants and their bottomless bellies. HOA meetings are a joke, the board of directors and Edwin (EMG mgmt) are laughable. We have the right to know what Don and his staff make (they are OUR employees, remember??) I also wonder if 'Wilshire's' is paying rent to the Canewood HOA, we do own the subdivision right? Should we not receive compensation for allowing advertisement banners posted on OUR property which promotes HIS business? I'd also love to see the books to ensure that the water, electricity, sewer, etc used by Wilshire's is not entangled in the cost of running the golf course. I wonder if we will see an increase in the amount of 'outside golf tournaments' to support the new business adventure? We should get some of this rolling before the spring golfing season begins-good luck getting Tee times as it is. Wake up everyone, you are being taken for a ride by the HOA and it's rulers. I know some feel very loyal to the king and his court, how naive to think that the loyalty is reciprocated-they are out for their benefit not yours, unless of course you are ones that were given a free pass on paying dues at all. I'm tired of tightening our personal belts during these trying economic times all the while watching as the Golf course, and it's staff get a bigger and bigger budget each year. Everyone benefits from checks and balances and real oversight. Doing nothing will prove to be more costly to the subdivision and ourselves than will standing up and promoting what is right. I know I am curious to see why they try so hard to hide the books and refuse to answer questions, aren't you? Maybe we need a 'Transparency in Homeowner's Association Act' !
  • To Tried & Failed:
    Just saw this posting. I am the lawyer but clearly you were very misinformed about what my role was. I don't even come close to practicing in this area - my mission from Mike F. was to find 2 or 3 attorneys who DO specialize in land use law and return with retainer amounts. Mike F. wanted to use these attorneys to fight the bypass. When I returned with those retainer amounts, everyone's jaws dropped and that was the end of that. Not a single person there was willing to pony up part of the retainer fee. So no, I did not go down like the Titanic. And no, I am not going to take on this case without any payment and with no experience in the field. I have a family to feed and I need paying clients to make that happen. As far as not coming to any other meetings, the only one that I even knew about since then was scheduled during our summer trip out of state. So - stick to what you know buddy.
  • Heres a Plan For Canewood
    Vote out the HOA board members; then vote out the HOA. Turn this pig farm back to His Majesty & the other poachers. NBow thats a plan; short & sweet. (KISS) I'm glad I stayed home to eat turkey. Atleast I know what store it came from.
  • A Plan for Canewood
    Here is my vision of a new Canewood HOA. We the Home Owners elect a new board, with a homeowner from each street representing their part of Canewood. These board members are seated for 2yrs. and may not be consecutively elected to the board. So we don't have 'Permanent' elected board members the board members must rotate off the board for at least 2yrs. This board elects a president for their 2yr. Term and we have a 30 day transition period as new board members are elected. After our first open election we have a review of HOA policies to be voted on by the board with comment by the homeowners in an 'OPEN' forum. Once these new board members are elected we hold an audit of the HOA books to see where our money has really been going. This audit will be published openly to all homeowners off Canewood and will include Homes that have been excluded by contract or verbally arrangement with Barlow homes and those Homeowners that are in arrears on their dues. The next item is to set a budget based on the actual income of the course and not on what the past board 'Thinks' ideally that we can collect in dues and profit from the course. That means if the course + HOA dues is actually bringing in $700K per year then we we spend $650K per year. This will mean some cost cutting on the part of the course, including personnel and salary cuts. Control of the course and HOA costs will be included in employee salaries. This is performance based pay. This means we start with a base salary for course management that is 60% of current and the other 40% is performance based. If the costs of the course can't be held in check and managed properly then course managment will be paid accordingly. The board will also review all the courses revenue streams to determine if these business ventures are actually contributing income or expense to the HOA. If after taking control of the finances of the HOA we cannot show a profit from the course then we will look at a separation of Canewood Golf course from the HOA. We will find a buyer for the course and the HOA can sell it to a private buyer then as a homeowner you can opt to buy a golf package from the new owners and the HOA will collect dues only to cover upkeep of common areas.

    Board Meetings will be held quarterly to discuss HOA issues and concerns, and as a Board member you will be 'REQUIRED' to attend these 4 meeting per year. In the past we have had meetings where only one or two board members attended meetings and no open discussions were allowed by homeowners.
    Board members will be divided into 3 person teams to support different HOA functions, Budget and Finance, Common Areas Management, Course Oversight, New and Leaving Homeowner support, HOA Activities and Fundraising. Currently our HOA does none of the above, they are merely a Collection arm for the Course. We should be Welcoming new HOA members into our community and providing them with the current bylaws and activities, we should provide Realtors and Homeowners who are moving support with accurate HOA information.

    Even if you don't agree with some of the problems highlighted on this Message Board you can't argue with the fact that for the last 15 years Canewood HOA has lost money. You also can't dispute that for the Last 15 years the current Barlow Homes appointed board and Course Managment has been unable to put our HOA in the Black. They have been unwilling to make cuts and put in place cost controls to insure that we have a viable business model with the our HOA. The current board has ignored opportunities to increase revenues for the HOA and has allowed course managment to spend and utilize HOA resources unchecked.
    As a Homeowner here I enjoy the course and pool and the way the subdivision looks, but I can't sit back and allow the HOA to spend my money unchecked with no input and no homeowner oversight. Its time to say 'CANEWOOD IS MY NEIGHBORHOOD', 'NOT' Barlow Homes, 'NOT' Don Wilshire's, 'NOT' David Trimble's.
    Sign the Petition when comes to your house and take back control of your HOA.
  • Wild Turkey
    Why should anybody be surprised the turkey was killed; we have some of the most nortorious poachers in the country living right here in our neighborhood! Why should anyone have any pleasures watching such a wonderful site.
  • Welcome to Oz
    For 13 yrs you have never been lied too? You do belong in Oz you fool. I've been here for 6 yrs & have attended every HOA meeting & thats all we hear are lies especially from that old goat who spews nothing but lies. The only reason he's out now is because he actually was spending his money & not ours to keep this over priced putt putt golf course running. Your not in Kansas anymore Dorthy.. Vote these bafoons out & do away with this HOA nonsense....
  • Bypass
    When is the Bypass coming through Canewood? Is it 2010?
  • Cutting Costs
    Why don't we cut Don Wilshire's salary? Or better yet get rid of him all together. I'm sure he is way over paid! He spends more time taking care of his restaurant than he does the golf course.
  • FOUND- 2 female poodles
    Two female white poodles were found Sunday evening in the area of Sawgrass Circle. If these are yours or if you know who may be missing them, please call 859-684-7898.
  • Response to 'Why...'
    A recent post asked, 'Why would someone who doesn't golf move to a golfing community anyway?'
    When I purchased my home, I was told golf was optional. Several neighbors told me the same thing. Others have reported that they were able to lease their memberships back to Canewood. I, for one, would not have moved here if I had known golf dues were mandatory for everyone. It is a big waste of money for me, and I know I'm not alone.
    Yea I do have an attitude, especially when his Majesty & oafs have diverted HOA monies to cover costs that the dues were not meant for. Why do you think we have NEVER gotten an accurate financial record at any of the HOA meetings? All we get are fuzzy numbers & now his Majesty just stops paying because he wants too; whats up with that? Hey Miffed you did you think the realtors work for? I hope you weren't ignorant enough to think they were working for you! THEY WORK FOR HIS MAJESTY!!! This whole Canewood crap is a big ponzy scheme thats beginning to unravel....Vote the HOA out!!! They do nothing for us anyway. I have my house for sale & I have all of golf course tractors parked out I guess to see how big of an eye sore the workers can create. Why can't they be parked in the back? Or park them at his Majesty's compound.......He can't see anyways..........
  • Please continue to post
    I love my home in Canewood. This is a beautiful neighborhood, and we should all be proud to live here. However, the situation with the HOA fees going up is definitely something we should all be concerned about, especially those of us whom don't play golf (or don't play $1,600 worth of golf).
    The petition sounds like a great idea. Our current way of managing the HOA just isn't working, and it's getting more expensive each year, making it very difficult to pay the dues, and almost impossible to sell our homes.
    I think all of our neighbors have a right to voice their opinion on this site, pro or con. Saying nothing isn't going to fix the problem. Instead of worrying about potential buyers being scared away by the truth, let's sign the petition, change the way the neighborhood is run, and solve the issues. Shouldn't golf fees be optional? I don't think anyone would complain with a reasonable HOA fee --- $200 to $300 a year probably wouldn't break us. But a mandatory $1,600 a year is absurd.
    Please keep posting, positive and negative comments are welcome as far as I'm concerned. Continue to enjoy this awesome neighborhood, as well, but please help us all by signing the petition when it comes around. Many other solutions have been suggested, but the HOA seems to only resort to raising dues. I understand your frustration if you think the petition is a rash and hateful option, but you should know that every other avenue has been exhausted. The long-term result will pay off in more ways than one: more reasonable dues, higher resale value on homes which will sell quicker, and better neighborhood morale, just to name a few advantages.
    I look forward to seeing the petition soon. If you're undecided, please consider carefully. I hope you choose to sign it!
  • Really miffed
    I have been reading all of the posts and I must say I was not aware that so many folks were so unhappy. Like others I was not told about the bypass of about the HOA dues when I bought my house. I do not blame the developer or HOA, I blame the realtor. I am well pleased with our neighborhood and am very proud to live here. Our largest problems are easily solved and likely to not require a revolution. As a 30 year veteran of manufacturing management I suggest we start by cost cutting rather than hiking HOA dues. Raising dues and taxes is the easy way out. The hard work is running the HOA with out raising dues. Reducing the HOA operational costs should be the first step. We are not talking layoffs here but cutting expenses. I like having the golf course, the pool and Wilshire's so close to home. I came here 5 years ago - I love the area, I dislike the perceived lack of management. We as HOA members need to remember that our operational costs and budget are based upon everyone paying dues on time. Those folks who do not pay dues pass that share of the burden on to the rest of us. I think our collective angst is a bit misguided. Can we cut operational cost bet. We should be working very hard to collect from the zero liability home owners who are not paying the fair share. Our HOA even went to quarterly billing to make the does hit easier on those home owners. If you look at our recent (less than adequate) financial statement you'll see that are costs in unpaid dues, legal fees and management fees are over half of our budget shortfall. These should be addressed. I do not believe that Edwin Gibson is they guy to get it done.
    Who or how or where do I need to go to sign the petition. No one has been in my neighborhood on Stonebrooke Ct. Please stop by my house.
  • attitudes
    It's sad to come on here & read these nasty, negative comments left by grown ups! I was raised where you were taught to respect your elders not call them names & put them down. My Family & I are having a home built in Paynes Landing & we are very excited! It's sad to see so many unhappy people in this World! Try to find nice things to say & might help to make your life a little bit better..
  • Support the Petition
    Hi, I wanted to thank everyone for their support so far for the Recall Vote Petition. We need as many people as we can get to sign the petition or walk the petition through the nighborhood. Our goal is to hit the 200 Homeowner mark then present Barlow Homes and the current board with our petition and then schedule an open vote for the new board. Keep the emails coming. If you don't like the constant HOA dues hikes and lack of home owner appointed representation then E-Mail me and sign the petition.
  • HOA
    I would definitely sign something! Let's do it!
  • HOA and Golf Course
    I just finished reading some of the comments that have been made regarding the HOA dues and the golf course. I am simply interested in providing additional thoughts.

    For those of you trying to sell your homes please consider your negative comments on this site as I think they probably do more damage in discouraging potential buyers then the dues themselves. Anyone can read this site.

    Anyone moving into a golf course community knows they will be paying dues and most sub-divisions require all homes within a subdivision to pay dues.

    I understand (by rumor only) that Cherry Blossom golf course may be on a COD basis for deliveries which means that they are in financial difficulty, so not requiring everyone to pay the same dues (regardless of golf orientation) may not be the best way to go.

    I do agree that the amount of the dues needs to be addressed as being fair and equitable and that we should be receiving value in return for our dollars spent.

    Personal and nasty comments will not benefit anyone.
    Do we or don't we pay the dues? I cannot afford them. We have been here 4 years and they have gone up $100.00 each year. Lets sign this petition.
  • Join the Party
    His Majesty doesn't care how much money you lose. As soon as those lots he was selling; I mean wasn't because of the HOA fees he backs out, makes backroom deals & his oafs shove that gibberish down our throats & we're stuck with his mess. Our only recourse is to vote out the current board; vote in anew, then vote out the HOA. Then his Majesty back in to deal his own mess.
  • Loosing Money on Home
    Hi, I just heard about the web site, or I would have posted something sooner. I placed my house on the market 9 Months ago. I originally put my house up for sale because of the rising HOA fees and the complete lack of respect that the Barlow Homes Board members had for the homeowners here. I have had 17 buyers look at my house and I have had 2 realtors during that time. The first offer I had on my house the buyers backed out when they saw the HOA fees and the mandatory payment. I got rid of my first Realtor because she didn't properly disclose the HOA fees. My second realtor has had 3 offers but each time the HOA fees have killed the deal. I have had to lower my asking price on my house down from the appraised value to 85% of the appraised value and I still can't get my house sold, all because of the HOA fees. Its not so much the fee's that bother most of the buyers, its the Mandatory Fees for the course that bother them. There just aren't that many people in Scott County who would buy a Golf Membership to begin with, much less buy a house and contractually oblige themselves and their family to pay these fees with no way out and no say in where their money goes. Personally I think what Barlow homes is doing is basically extortion. The HOA is supposed to protect your property values but for me its cost me $40,000 in property value and I still can't sell me house. The HOA here has cost me money, and unfortunately I can't see any way out of this mess.
  • Sell - Sell - SOLD ! ! !
    I got tired of all the HOA BS so I took their advice and sold my house in Canewood and moved. I'm so much happier living in Cherry Blossum paying only $200/year in HOA dues.
  • Recall & Vote a New HOA Board
    The reason why it failed last time is that everyone wanted an attorney to handle the HOA problem but no one wanted to pay for the attorney.
    Getting an attorney to represent us would be nice but we can do the same thing by forcing a recall of the board.
    In order to do this we need enough signatures from all the owners in Canewood to force the board to hold an election.
    If the board refuses to hold the election then the homeowners have reasonable ground to refuse payment of dues.
    Without our money the board is powerless.
    Barlow homes has quit supporting the HOA, so the only money the board has is ours, without our dues the board and the HOA is nothing.
    We need Homeowners to walk a petition around to their neighbors and get the signatures to make it happen.
    With 60% of the homeowners on the petition we can force a recall vote of the board.
    With 85% we can petition the Attorney generals office to disband and disolve the HOA as a corporation.
    But we need the support of all the Homeowners here in Canewood to make it happen.
    EMAIL me if you want to help walk the petition around.

  • How can I participate?
    All of the information being posted about our options is encouraging. I'm glad to have neighbors whom care enough about our rights to take the time to investigate ways in which we can finally stop these ridiculous HOA fee increases, and perhaps even eliminate mandatory golf dues.
    How do we get this started? I will gladly sign a petition. Has anyone posted a contact? If so, please post it again. A phone number or email address would be helpful.
    Thank you so much for being a Canewood advocate! I'd like to do my part, as well.
  • Tried & Failed
    1. If it takes all of that gibberish to get anything done, then just forget it. Thats way too much talking. About 2 years ago we had a group of homeowners who got together, we had a neighborhood lawyer who was to defend our honor & she wasn't going to take it anymore. Well when it got down to actually doing something she went down like the Titanic, never to heard from again. Hell she doesn't even come to the meetings anymore. Two things have to happen to make change; vote out the current board of directors. Up or down vote, pure & simple. Elect a new board; up or down vote. Then vote to do away with the HOA & let Barlow have the entire kingdom.
  • Let's Do Something!!
    It seems like there are enough of us to do something about this problem. Let's get rid of the HOA or hire a lawyer to help us! I feel like if we all ban together we can make this happen!!
  • There are lot of Horror stories on the Internet with Homeowners who have serious legal troubles with their HOA.
    You see a lot of stories about how people get stuck with huge legal bills and fines.
    One of the things that I have read is that there are lot of homeowners in our shoes.
    Their HOA gets Hijacked by the developer or a group of individuals that change the HOA rules to keep themselves in power and the other homeowners in the dark.
    The one thing that works to our advantage is that the HOA is a legal corporate entity.
    The HOA is a Non-profit Organization and is bound by the same rules and regulations that all Non-profits use.
    The other advantage we have is that Barlow Homes is Operating in a Sales downturn and any bad publicity could damage their companies ability to make money and sell houses.
    I personally think that Don and Barlow Homes are operating the GOlf Course as a private business not as a Non-profit corporation.
    WE have two options, recall the board and president, vote in new board members and elect a new president or Disolve the HOA.

    In order for us to Disolve the HOA we need at least %80 of the 328 Homeowners here to agree to stop the HOA.
    For us that would mean that we need at least 262 Homeowners to agree to disolve the HOA.
    Our next step would be to get all of these Homeowners to sign a petition to present to the Attorney Generals Office in Frankfort.
    If we have this, then no one on the Board can stop us from disolving the HOA.
    The assets of the HOA would then have to be sold off to cover the expense of disolving the HOA.
    Any HOA funds in the bank would be used to settle accounts and any money left over would de divided amongst the shareholders or any debts would have to be handled in bankruptcy.
    If we did this, then one of two things would happen.
    One, the entire course including, pool, club house and common grounds would be permanently closed.
    Two, Don, Barlow Homes or some other investors woud purchase the course and continue it as a private business with no homeowner input.
    Personally I think as a Home owner this would be the best option.
    The Course is bought from the HOA and run as a private business, and we form a new HOA to handle common grounds maintenence.
    That should bring our HOA dues down to $150-$200 per year, and then you as a homeowner could opt to purchase a Golf & Pool package from
    Canewood Golf if you want to. This is how Cherry Blossom operates and the Homeowners there are very satisifed with the arrangement.

    Our second option is taking back control of the board. As a non-profit corporation the HOA has to comform to certain laws.
    The president has to provide us with a list of voting shareholders.
    The articles of incorporation have to be followed or our corporate status can be revoked.
    We can recall and vote in new board members and a new president but we need a petition of homeowners signatures to do it.
    We need at least %60 of the homeowners to force a recall vote. Thats 197 Homeowners signatures that all it takes.
    Once we have the petition signed we give it to each of the board members.
    If they refuse to hold the recall vote, then we boycott the association and withhold all dues until the HOA is starved of funds and forced into bankruptcy.
    I think the board should be restructured so that we have a board member for each street.
    There should be term limits for the board postions.
    We should audit the HOA and Golf Course books and make sure that all of the HOA dues and Income from the course are being deposited correctly to cover HOA expenses.

    These ideas are not just mine they have been used time and again to take back control of HOA's all over the U.S.
    Please See my next post called Reclaim Your HOA.
    And see my copy of the Petition Letter I think we should circulate.
    Remember this is going to require a group of at leat 40 Homeowners who are willing to go door to door and get signatures.

    We need to meet and organize to make this happen, otherwise at the rate were going in 10 years our HOA dues are going to be $3200/Year.
  • Recalim Your HOA Document
    Here is the Reclaim you HOA document I commented on im my last post.

    Thomas Paine

    Reclaiming Your HOA

    After several years observing the HOA abuse issue and working through lawsuits and lobbying, I am convinced that the most effective method to stop HOA abuse is a grassroots effort to reclaim your HOA for the neighborhood. Do not wait for an attorney, a judge, or the legislature to help you. You and your neighbors have the power, but it will require work -- hard work. Your ultimate goals will be to elect a board that will protect owner’s rights.
    I would appreciate any feedback and comments on this paper, especially additional helpful hints for reclaiming an HOA.
    Tom Adolph
    Reclaiming Your HOA Make sure your issue is serious and concerns fundamental rights. Step-by-step guide to reclaim your HOA
    1 Get the votes
    2. Identify the problems Some Common Problems
    1 Assessment abuses:
    1 Management company and attorney abuses
    1 Taking owner powers and rights
    1 Vendettas and Harassments
    Some helpful arguments

    3. Investigate whether the problems extend to others and whether additional problems exist. Information Sources
    1 The records of your HOA
    1 Court records
    1 County real estate records
    1 Your neighbors
    1 Internet sources
    2 Enlist help
    3 Write a persuasive position statement
    4 Communicate, communicate, communicate
    5 Attend your HOA board meetings and member meetings
    6 Learn the rules of the game

    Reclaiming Your HOA
    You have concluded that your neighborhood needs to reclaim your HOA and you want to know how to do it.
    Probably, you had an unfavorable HOA experience. Perhaps your HOA threatened you with foreclosure. Perhaps an HOA attorney squeezed money from you. Maybe you feel harassed with violation letters. Maybe you feel that the HOA is doing nothing for the money you pay. Maybe you feel that a management company or attorney has taken control of your HOA.
    Whatever your reason, I hope that this paper will help you to make your HOA more neighborly and more responsive to your neighborhood.
    If you have any suggestions or additional advice, please email your thoughts to our website.
    Ideas for this paper have come from many people who have more experience than I with reclaiming their HOAs, especially Wendy Laubach and Shu Bartholomew. Other homeowners who have provided much insight are Mary McGarr, Emily Pomrenke, Brenda Barbier, Don Wilson, Bruce Kyckelhahn, and Mitch Glassman.
    Make sure your issue is serious and concerns fundamental rights.
    Before you ever consider reclaiming your HOA, do some soul-searching. Ask yourself whether you have a serious issue that concerns fundamental rights. If your issue does not meet this criteria, then this paper should not concern you. I am convinced that the vast majority of HOAs are not abusive and serve a valuable purpose. The purpose of this paper is to assist someone facing a fundamental abuse, not to assist someone who has a minor dispute with how things are done in the neighborhood.
    Besides, you will never garner sufficient support from your neighbors for your efforts if your dispute is minor.
    Unfortunately, many people living in an HOA do find themselves victims of a denial of fundamental rights. Current Texas law is seriously flawed in its failure to provide proper checks and balances to prevent HOA abuses. Unethical people can, within current law:
    commit what amounts to legal blackmail, or
    impose their will over their neighbors, or
    harass an owner, or
    carry out a vendetta through the HOA power, or
    deny due process, or
    commit any number of serious, fundamental abuses by use of the legal powers granted to HOAs.
    These are the kinds of fundamental abuses that should spur you to reclaim your neighborhood and enable you to rally support from your neighbors.
    Step-by-step guide to reclaim your HOA
    1 Remember that the ultimate goal is to get the votes to elect a new board.
    2 Identify the problems that you see in your HOA.
    3 Investigate whether the problems extend to others and whether additional problems exist.
    4 Enlist help.
    5 Write a persuasive position statement.
    6 Put together a slate of directors and officers.
    7 Nominate your slate at the annual meeting, or, if necessary, call a special meeting to recall the current board and elect the new slate.
    8 Insure that the election is proper.
    9 Get the votes.

    Get the votes.
    The No. 1 rule – the only rule for making your HOA more responsive to your community – is to get the votes. The ultimate goal is to vote into power an HOA board that will be responsive to the wishes of your neighborhood. Everything else is a means to this end. Never forget this goal.
    At the risk of being obvious, getting the votes means getting people on your side. From our experience, this will be a difficult task – not because your neighbors want an unresponsive HOA.
    Rather, it is unfortunately a predominant trait of many to be apathetic and to believe that the bad things that happen to someone else will never happen to them.
    You will also face an initial fear by many that you are trying to do away with the HOA or make it impotent or that any tinkering with things will have an adverse effect on their property values. You must keep these fears in mind as you attempt to recruit supporters for your reforms. You must have answers for expressions of these fears -- good, honest answers.
    Your job is to convince your neighbors that they should want to correct the problems. Your job is to answer the “What’s in it for me?” question.
    Groundwork to Persuade Others - Identifying the problems.
    To convince your neighbors to vote in a new board, you must first identify and describe the existing problems in a way that helps your neighbors see that the problems affect them and not just a few.
    To recruit supporters and votes, you must show that the problems are widespread and affect large segments of the neighborhood. This requires investigation. It requires time.
    Write a list of the problems.
    Identify why you think action is necessary.
    Identify a solution that fits your neighborhood. There is no one right answer to how an HOA should act other than that it should reflect the views and will of the neighborhood. In each neighborhood, opinions will differ. Some people want a strong HOA and strong rules. Some people want little or no control. Which view fits you? Which view fits your neighborhood?
    Your initial list of problems will depend on your personal experience. It is a good starting point, but you will need more information to convince your neighbors to help. You will need to investigate.
    Too often, a homeowner thinks that she is the only homeowner having troubles with the HOA. Sometimes, this may be true. But often, it is not true. Often, the HOA’s violation letters, liens, and lawsuits occur without the knowledge of the neighborhood. A victim may think she is alone, but in fact she is one of many.
    As you evaluate the problems identified, keep in mind that a sliding scale probably exists depending on (1) the severity or fundamental nature of the problem and (2) the number of neghbors effected.
    One very serious, fundamental problem affecting one neighbor might galvanize an entire neighborhood. A lesser problem will probably not interest your neighbors unless you can show that it affects a significant percent of the neighborhood.
    Some Common Problems
    As you investigate your HOA, it may be helpful to know some common problems that others have encountered with their HOAs. These include the following.
    1. Assessment abuses:
    A. Assessments increased more than the rules allow
    B. Assessment collections far exceeding reasonable need
    C. A single assessment increase using several years of “accumulated” percentage increases (For example, rules often limit an annual increase to X% over the prior year. Some HOAs claim a right to increase assessments in one year using unused increases from several prior years. This method could lead to a single increase
    exceeding 100%.)
    2. Management company and attorney abuses
    A. An unreasonable number of liens or lawsuits against owners
    An HOA should represent the will of the neighborhood. If, in the last five years, your HOA has filed liens against 20% of your neighbors, there is a problem. What percent below that might still represent a problem is a matter for you and your neighbors to decide.
    B. Squeezing money from homeowners by threats of lawsuits and attorneys fees.
    C. Delegation of power to an attorney or management company to sue owners.
    D. Indemnification of the attorneys and management company so that owners pay for the bad acts of the management company or attorney
    E. Payment of “bounties” to attorneys or the management company for each violation letter or dispute
    Creating incentives for attorneys and management companies to create disputes rather than to treat owners as neighbors
    F. Improperly creating “late payments”
    Waiting months before cashing a check Not accepting payment Sending a bill to a wrong address
    G. Foreclosing when the majority of homeowners disapprove
    If the majority opinion is against foreclosures, then an HOA that engages in foreclosures is not representative of the neighborhood.
    H. Foreclosing against those down-on-their-luck.
    These are times when neighbors should offer help. These are not times to add to someone’s burdens.
    I. Foreclosing for trivial reasonsWe have seen foreclosure filings for:
    a $1.00 debt an oil stain on a driveway to recover attorneys fees only (no assessment debt) a two or three foot disagreement about placement of a lamppost a window unit air conditioner where
    (1) other homes had window units and
    (2) the owner had orders from his doctor to have the window unit with special filtering ability for his health condition.

    J. Excessive management fees and attorneys fees
    3. Abuses taking the power away from the owners
    A. Creating new deed restrictions or similar rules without a vote by the owners
    A very dangerous Texas law allows creation of new deed restrictions, bylaws, and rules without the consent of all owners and even without any vote at all by the owners.
    B. Creating rules to retain preserve power and office
    C. Executing agreements that bind the owners forever or for many years
    An example is a perpetual agreement, without majority approval, obligating all owners to pay dues to a swim club (when the obligation did not originally exist).
    D. Demanding new easement concessions as a condition to any services
    E. Unfair tactics to eliminate opposition
    Before you identify this as a problem, determine whether the board is actually entrenched or whether the directors are serving year after year because no one else is willing to step forward. Some unfair tactics include cancelling elections when the board sees that it will lose and eliminating elections.
    F. Refusing disclosure of documents
    Texas law requires HOAs to comply with “open records” requests. Determine whether your HOA (and its management company and attorneys) are complying with this law or refuse requests or use delaying tactics that effectively negate the open records requirement.
    G. Denying the right to vote
    Texas law currently permits an HOA to deny owners the right to vote. This is an extremely dangerous power that enables entrenched boards to remain in power. A frequent tactic is for the board to send violation letters to their opponents immediately before an election, thus disqualifying all opponents.
    Investigate whether your board has ever used this tactic.
    4. Vendettas and Harassments
    A. Harassing phone calls – We have heard from more than one owner who has received harassing phone calls after appearing at a board meeting or voicing a complaint.
    B. Harassing violation letters – Often, owners who oppose the board or management company soon find themselves the recipient of numerous violation letters.
    Some Helpful Arguments
    In developing a persuasive position statement, you must be attentive to the unique facts of your situation. However, the following may be of help to you.
    Deed restrictions and enforcement are often helpful and positive for a neighborhood. So be careful about responding to an argument such as the one above. Investigate the facts.
    Is the HOA charging more than is reasonably necessary for the services provided?Are the fees different from section to section?Can the HOA meet its expenses without foreclosing?What percent of owners are not paying dues?How much cash does the HOA have?
    Also, with respect to foreclosure, consider the following arguments:
    The doctor who saves your life cannot foreclose on your home to obtain payment. The doctor provides a much more valuable service than the HOA.
    If you run up a $10,000 bill at American Express, American Express cannot foreclose on your home to recoup their money.
    How much money does the HOA actually get from a foreclosure? Often, the only persons who profit are the attorneys and the purchaser of the home at auction. The net effect may be detrimental to the HOA and the neighborhood. The home may actually become an eyesore if abandoned.
    Will the taxing authority, MUD or school district foreclose if the HOA does not?\ Will their claims preempt any claim or recovery by the HOA?
    HOAs often claim that their actions are necessary to maintain property values. To counter these arguments, see:
    2 Houston Association of Realtors’ records
    3 Houston Chronicle, Business Section, April 6, 2003, pages 8D, 9D, and 10D Generally, property values are dependent on the individual property, its location and the economy, not the actions of an HOA.

    Information Sources
    The available sources for your investigation include the following.
    1 The records of your HOA
    2 Court records
    3 County real estate records
    4 Your neighbors
    5 Internet sources

    1. The records of your HOA
    The organization documents may grant you a right to review or copy specific documents. Determine if you have that right and make any appropriate requests in writing, citing the provision that grants the right.
    In addition, Texas law requires that an HOA comply with certain records requests by owners. Use this law to submit written requests to your HOA asking to view specific documents.
    Under Property Code Chapter 209, I request copies of all violation letters sent by the
    HOA since _________ [date] [or all contracts, or all lawsuits, or whatever you are
    interested in.] .
    Use this law also to obtain the names and addresses of all owners. Deliver your request in person and get a receipt, or send it by certified mail, return receipt requested. You may need to give the HOA a reason for your request. Some suggested reasons (you may come up with others) are:
    1 To enable you as a member of the HOA to submit a petition pursuantto Property Code Chapter 201;
    2 To enable you as a member of the HOA to obtain proxies for anelection;
    3 To enable you as a member of the HOA to campaign for office;
    4 To enable you as a member of the HOA to review the actions of the board for violations of law;
    5 To enable you as a member of the HOA to determine whether the
    actions of the board are capricious or arbitrary;

    6 To enable you as a member of the HOA to determine your ownobligations; and
    7 To enable you as a member of the HOA to determine if you are being singled out unfairly or otherwise harassed.

    This law changes with almost every legislative session. You can find the current law at
    However, current law provides:
    Sec. 209.005. ASSOCIATION RECORDS.
    (a) A property owners' association shall make the books and records of the association, including financial records, reasonably available to an owner in accordance with Section B, Article 2.23, Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act (Article 1396-2.23, Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes).
    (b) An attorney's files and records relating to the association, excluding invoices requested by an owner under Section 209.008(d), are not:
    (1) records of the association;
    (2) subject to inspection by the owner; or
    (3) subject to production in a legal proceeding.

    Section B, Article 2.23, Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act (Article 1396-2.23, Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes), referenced in Sec. 209.005(a) provides:
    Art. 1396--2.23. Books and Records
    A. Each corporation shall keep correct and complete books and records of account and shall keep minutes of the proceedings of its members, board of directors, and committees having any authority of the board of directors and shall keep at its registered office or principal office in this State a record of the names and addresses of its members entitled to vote.
    B. A member of a corporation, on written demand stating the purpose of the demand, has the right to examine and copy, in person or by agent, accountant, or attorney, at any reasonable time, for any proper purpose, the books and records of the corporation relevant to that purpose, at the expense of the member.
    2. Court records
    You may find lawsuits filed by your HOA in various court records.
    In Harris County, your HOA can file suit in three separate courts: district court, county court, and justice of the peace courts. You should look for suits in each of these courts that include your HOA as a plaintiff. These records often have misspellings and abbreviations, so to perform a thorough search, you must be flexible and creative in your search techniques. District court records are available online at __________. County court records are available online at __________. Justice court records are not available online. However, you can review these records at the court. It is quite helpful to review the court papers in some or all of these cases.
    Court records from other counties will be similar.
    3. County real estate records
    You may find liens, development plans, deed restrictions, management certificates and other records relating to your HOA in the county real estate records. An index of Harris county real estate records is available online. Full text is available only at the county clerk’s office.
    4. Your neighbors
    Once you have identified liens and lawsuits, you now have a list of possible other victims of HOA abuse. Contact these neighbors. Tell them your goals, and listen to their stories. You should be able to recruit help from these lists.
    5. Internet sources
    Provides information on the number of foreclosure-related lawsuits by HOAs. from this website that has several useful links.
    www.stoptexasforeclosures.comAdvocates to eliminate the HOA foreclosure power in Texas. for the Texas Legislature. statutes Property Code (Look particularly at Chapters 201-209)
    Enlist help.
    Do not do this alone. You must enlist help within your neighborhood. There is power in numbers.
    An immediate source of helpers should become apparent from your review of violation letters, court records, and county real estate records. Talk to the people who have been sued by your HOA or who have liens filed against them. Often, these people will think that they are alone in their problems with the HOA. They may be very grateful to learn of other victims. But be careful and diplomatic.
    Some people are embarrassed by their victimization. Be prudent.
    Write a persuasive position statement.
    To win votes, you will need a persuasive written statement about why the neighborhood needs a change in the HOA.
    Honesty and sincerity.
    In everything you do in this effort, always tell the absolute truth. Do not embellish for effect. Honesty plays better than anything you can do. So does sincerity.
    Just the facts.
    Support your position with facts. Be persuasive. Be precise and accurate.
    You will not win votes by generalizations or overstatements. Your credibility will be crucial throughout the effort. You must be prepared in advance with facts.
    Use this summary as a flyer as described below.
    Have a friend check the language to eliminate emotional words.
    Absolutely NO emotional language, accusations, or defamation.
    Emotional language, accusations, and defamation may make you feel good for a short time, but in the end, they will only hurt your efforts and may expose you to legal liability. You must take the high ground. No one needs to know how you feel about the personalities involved. All they need to know is that the board is pursuing policies that are not in your neighbors' best interest. All they need are the specific, immediate steps needed to change the policies.
    Try to keep your flyer no more than one page. If you cannot meet this limit, you have not crystallized your thoughts sufficiently to convince your neighbors.
    Remember that you are dealing with neighbors who may live near you for a long time. Remember also that you are trying to win votes. Accusations, defamation, and emotional language will hurt more than help by:
    (1) inflaming the emotions of the opposition,
    (2) turning away more votes than you might gain;
    (3) risking personal legal liability, and
    (4) weakening your credibility.

    Know the audience.
    You cannot reclaim your HOA if your neighbors do not support you. To enlist their support, you must know who is for you, who is against you, and who is undecided. You – or someone on your side – must be a vote counter.
    Communicate, communicate, communicate
    In everything you do in this effort, always tell the absolute truth. Do not embellish for effect. Honesty plays better than anything you can do. So does sincerity.
    Talking to people and distributing a flyer are absolute necessities. Other methods of communicating will depend on your situation.
    Personal delivery and conversations are much more effective than mail.
    Use your position paper as a flyer. Distribute the flyer everywhere. Walk your flyer door to door.
    Hand it to people and talk to them if you can. If no one is home, then roll it up and put it between the knob and the edge or inside the handle or under the mat.
    DO NOT PUT YOUR FLYER IN MAILBOXES. You do not want to be charged with violating federal laws.
    Do not put the flyer anywhere on a mailbox – not inside, not on the mailbox flag, and not taped or stuck to the outside of the mailbox. Remember that there are people who will oppose you. So try to avoid criticism for things that are not part of the issues (like where you put the flyer).
    Do not tape the flyer to anything. Some people will take offense at this. Be as unintrusive as possible. Remember that there are people who will oppose you. So avoid criticism for things that are not part of the issues (like taping the flyer to something).
    Talk to people
    Talk to people. You will find others who agree with you and who will help you.
    Website Enlist the aid of someone who can put up a web site for your neighborhood. To enable people to find your website:
    1 Use the name of your subdivision in the web site address;
    2 Use the name of the subdivision, the term Homeowner Associationor HOA, your city, county, and state in the title.

    Link your website to other websites that may be helpful. Some have found it useful to link to CAI websites to show its bias against homeowners and to CAI training sessions for management companies and attorneys.
    Neighborhood newspapers and other media
    If you can get it, newspaper coverage is fantastic. Try: Neighborhood newspapers The Chronicle’s This Week reporter for your area, and
    Try any other media outlet you can find. You should be able to find at least one reporter sympathetic to your issues – if your issues are serious and fundamental. Find out what stories resonate with people. Currently, it is useful to remind people of Wenonah
    Blevins. Relate your HOA issues to what happened to Ms. Blevins. Write letters to the editor and get your supporters to do the same.
    Meetings of neighbors
    Arrange meetings with people who can organize a political effort. End each meeting with specific tasks and deadlines. Collect enough money to cover costs of printing, postage, and possibly a lawyer.
    Attend your HOA board meetings and member meetings
    Going to meetings of your association will serve at least two purposes. First, you will learn firsthand what is happening. Second, you will gain necessary name recognition that may serve you to garner support.
    Insist on open meetings, and if the board refuses, record carefully any statements by the board in its refusal.
    Stay until the end of the meeting. If you cannot stay until the end, partner with someone who can.
    Take notes or a recorder. Prepare a summary promptly after the meeting. If your records do not agree with the official minutes, call the secretary or another board member to resolve the discrepancy. If you cannot resolve the discrepancy, then distribute your notes to neighbors noting the discrepancies.
    You might include your notes and the official minutes on a website.
    Do not waste your time at directors meetings. You may not even have a right to attend these meetings.
    Do not waste your time at association meetings by voicing ambiguous complaints. Focus on effective action. Have specific goals in mind. Prepare a written motion. Spend your effort to get the motion made, seconded, debated, and passed. Nothing that happens at a meeting has any legal effect without a motion voted on and passed. Have at least two people available to make the motion, and at least two more to second it. Practice doing it so you don't get confused.
    Learn the rules of the game.
    A crucial but tedious task that you cannot omit is to learn thoroughly the rules that you must follow to attain the ultimate goal of replacing the board. These rules may appear in some or all of the following:
    1 The development plan
    2 Deed restrictions
    3 The HOA articles of incorporation
    4 The HOA by-laws
    5 HOA rules
    6 HOA guidelines

    These documents are often voluminous and difficult to understand. You may need legal help to fully understand all the rules. At the very least, you should read the applicable provisions many times.
    The documents listed above will cover many different subjects.
    Another source of applicable rules is the Texas Non profit Corporations Code. See
    Some questions that might be helpful include:
    Association Meetings
    When and where are association meetings?
    How is the agenda set for a members meeting?
    Usually, the members can set or raise agenda items before and during the members meeting. Do not allow others to preclude this right. Know the rules for doing so (See your by-laws and Roberts Rules of Order. You can purchase a copy of Robert’s Rules of Order or find one of many versions on-line.
    One example is )
    Can one or more members call a meeting? If so, how? Is the “called” meeting limited to specific purposes?
    Calling a special meeting usually requires a petition signed by a number of members. The wording of the petition must be carefully crafted to insure that the meeting will cover any issue that you wish to cover.
    Determine what information the HOA rules require for each signature (The rules might require a person to provide name, address, lot, block and section number, and a representation that he or she
    is an owner.) If a person does not know the required information, explain how to access the Harris

    County Appraisal District's web site ( to the petition a statement that only the express items stated in the petition may be included inthe meeting.
    Choose the time and place wisely. Check in advance about availability of the meeting site. Choose a time and place when the most people can attend. Avoid holidays and summer
    Choose a time and place that meet any time requirement of your HOA rules. A ten day notice is common, but check the precise rule. Choose a time that allows for the time necessary to all that needs to be done before the
    meeting. Once your petition is successful, the HOA or management company will need to send out notice letters. Give sufficient time for the printing, copying, envelope stuffing, and other needed work.
    Add to the petition the time, place and date of the meeting. If you fail to do this, the HOA ormanagement company may delay sending the notices.Get more signatures than required. Try to be at least 20% over the required amount.Before turning in a petition, review each page for accuracy and completeness.
    Before turning in a petition, make and keep copies.Request that you or an objective person be present as the board reviews the petition. Insist onoversight.
    Offer to help with any required mailing of a notice of the meeting.Ask to watch the HOA or management company mail the notices.Do not count on the HOA or management company to notify residents. Send or deliver your own
    notice.Read, study, and keep handy a copy of Robert’s Rules of Order. The opposition may run roughshodover you until you master these rules. They are not that hard. They are tools for running an orderly,civil meeting that gets results. The board probably does not understand them, so you may have an
    advantage if you do.
    Director Meetings
    When and where are director meetings?
    Can owners attend director meetings? Elections
    When are elections?
    Who may run? What are the qualifications? This is a very important issue. You should not offer any candidate who is not qualified according to the HOA rules. Also, often, an HOA does not police its own requirements and officers or directors serve without proper qualification.
    You may wish to check if the current officers or directors are properly qualified. Try
    What are the HOA rules concerning proxies?
    Proxies are not permitted by all HOAs, and even an HOA that permits a proxy may not permit proxies for all votes.
    Some common (but not universal) requirements for proxies include:
    Specific forms or language;
    Filing with a specific officer;
    Execution within a certain time before the election;
    A description of a specific purpose for the proxy.
    Know the requirements of your HOA.
    Insure that each proxy is dated.
    Also, make and keep a copy of any proxy before turning it in.
    Counting the votes . . .
    Demand an objective method of counting the votes. Demand oversight. Consider the League of Women Voters or electronic voting. One problem with electronic voting, however, is that a record of each vote often does not exist. Paper pr printed copies of each vote is required for later review and challenge.
    Voting rights
    Who is entitled to vote?
    Determining who may vote is a critical first step in understanding the rules. The rules will differ from HOA to HOA, so I cannot state an absolute rule. At least some possibilities include combinations of the following:
    1 Owners of record
    2 Lien holders
    3 The developer
    4 Renters
    5 Only qualified persons in actual attendance at a meeting

    The most common rule is that only owners of record may vote. Generally, an owner of record is a person whose name appears as an owner on a deed filed of record in the county real estate records.
    Often, an HOA can deprive a member of the right to vote by sending a violation letter. Investigate whether your HOA has this power.
    What proof, if any, is required to establish voting rights?
    Often, HOA rules grant voting rights only to the owners named in recorded deeds or other title documents. Investigate these and other requirements for proof of voting rights.
    How many votes per lot?
    The most common rule is one vote per lot. However, this is not a universal rule. Some HOAs grant one vote to each named owner. In new developments, the developer is a member entitled to substantial voting rights.
    Can the HOA take away voting rights by violation letters or other means?
    Do the rules permit or prohibit a recall?
    At a couple of HOA meetings ago, we were told that we the homeowners rent the golf course from Barlow or a company he controls. If this is infact so, then its not too far fetched that we can do away with the HOA. Like its been mentioned, the golf course is public, the resturant is open to the public. Lets vote to stop renting the golf course. What are the advantages of having a HOA? Theres no enforcement of the by-laws. The only people paying their dues on time are the honest people & we're out numbered. Can anyone list 5 advantages of the HOA? I know some one is going to just blog and say 'MOVE!' but its not that easy. HOA dues are so high no one wants to move into Canewood anymore because the HOA doesn't do anything. We have more renters in Canewood now than we do homeowners. I agree, do away with the HOA.
  • By-laws enforcement
    The HOA should fine anyone who is late on their dues. The HOA should be putting liens on homes for who are 90 days deliquent. The HOA should foreclose on the homes when people refuse to pay their dues. Code Enforcement, bylaws enforcement; just do-it...We pay thousands of dollars to have this taken care of which is in the best interest of the Canewood homeowners.
    We should vote to do away with the HOA! The homeowners get absolutely nothing. Let Barlow & Don have the golfcourse & resturant; who cares? Its a public course anyway. We have every drunk in G-Town boozing it up at the resturant now. You can't even go in there with your family with out the drunks at the bar staggering around looking for the bathroom! You ask 'Who will keep up the golf course & the flowers on islands, etc?' Barlow will! He has too, to sell his lots. Right now we the homeowners offset his costs & the resturants costs in Canewood. Ain't it funny how Barlow & a select few can opt out paying dues like they use to do? Remember, good old Mr. Barlow bailing the HOA out; b*ll$h*t!!! It never cost him a dime before, now that its actually costing him something he stopped bailing out the HOA! I say lets vote this farce of a HOA out, then do away with the association. Barlow & Don are then stuck with this white elephant....
  • Looks Like We Have to Put Up It or Move
    Found this by googling HOA's and Rules. It was on Yahoo. Good points and it sounds like there is nothing really we can do.

    10 Things a Homeowners Association Won't Tell You

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    1. 'We Can't Wait to Get Our Hands on Your Money -- Or Even Your Home.'
    A gardening violation. That's what landed Jeffrey DeMarco in hot water with his Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., homeowners association a few years ago: He planted too many roses on his four-acre property. Peeved, the association fined him monthly and sat back as the bills mounted. Then it placed a lien on his property and threatened to foreclose, according to DeMarco.

    He took the board to court, but lost on the grounds that he had violated the association's architectural design rules. (In addition to planting roses, he also had regraded the site.) In the end, he got stuck with the association's $70,000 legal bill and lost his home to the bank. 'Mr. DeMarco came into the community and wanted to step outside the rules,' says Walt Ekard, the association manager. 'That's a detriment to everyone.'

    Think it couldn't happen to you? Think again. Many people who belong to homeowners associations do not understand just how much power these groups have over them -- until they miss a payment or otherwise run afoul of the board. Fall a single day behind in paying your monthly dues, for instance, and the association may slap you with a fine. Fall 90 days behind and it may place a lien on your home and threaten to foreclose unless you pay up immediately. And because you often hand over the right of property trustee to the association when you agree to the by-laws, in some cases 'you don't even get to go to court,' says Evan McKenzie, a lawyer turned political science professor in Chicago and the author of Privatopia: Homeowner Associations and the Rise of Residential Private Government.

    Your best defense, if you can afford it: paying what the association says you owe, then arguing. Most associations work on a 'balance forward' accounting system, in which your payments go toward the outstanding balance. By delaying, you'll just accumulate more late fees.

    2. 'We're More Secretive Than the CIA.'
    Like corporate boards, which have a fiduciary responsibility to make disclosures to shareholders, a homeowners association board is supposed to be upfront with its members. But all too often, boards play things close to the vest. 'The board will say everything is confidential and they can't tell you anything,' says Willowdean Vance, president of the American Homeowner Association, a consumer group based in Lake Forest, Calif. 'They're just on a power trip and it's absolutely deceitful.'

    Some boards can be impossibly stubborn about disclosure. When a few members of the Columbia Foundation, a Maryland homeowners association, tried to gather some information, another faction of the board was so miffed at not being consulted first, that they went so far as to try and impose a rule that would have required members to get permission from the entire board before asking an outside agency for information. Larry Holzman, an attorney with Ochs, Holzman and Rosen, a firm specializing in homeowners litigation, says the rule was voted down only after a major publicity campaign put forth by the Maryland Homeowners Association.

    Homeowners who feel shut out should first write a letter to the board formally requesting access to the records, suggests Debra Bass, a spokeswoman for the Community Associations Institute. If the board is still mum, 'ask for a letter from the association attorney that explains why you can't see the records,' she adds. And if you still aren't satisfied with the board's response, move somewhere else, or hire a lawyer and sue. 'The entire budget should be open and available to every homeowner,' says Bass. 'It should not be kept a secret.'

    3. 'When in Doubt, We Sue.'
    Board members will tell you that the last thing they want is to go to court. But it happens all the time. Experts estimate that in California, 75% of the homeowners associations are embroiled in a legal tangle of some kind. Chicago attorney Mark Pearlstein, who represents associations, figures that 60% of all condo boards and homeowners associations in Illinois are involved in some kind of legal suit.

    It's partly a reflection of our increasingly litigious society. But that's not the only reason. 'The association lawyers tell the board to enforce every rule,' says author Evan McKenzie. 'They say, 'If you make one exception, the whole neighborhood falls into chaos.' But who gets paid every time you take an owner to court?'

    The lawyers, of course. But the litigation option can be hard for board members to resist. For instance, Margurette Nicholson was board president in 1991 when her association in Portola Hills, Calif., took a neighbor to court for installing a satellite dish in his backyard. 'Nobody wanted to take this thing to court,' says Nicholson. 'But one of the homeowners was a lawyer and she was friends with the association's lawyer. They both campaigned for it. They both said we would win. I knew we wouldn't.' Indeed, the owner's lawyer argued that the rule infringed on his client's First Amendment rights and he won. The board's legal fees: more than $40,000.

    4. 'You Won't Be Able to Sell When You Want.'
    Besides being expensive, lawsuits often mean that you won't be able to sell your home when the time comes to move. 'Would you want to go out and buy a property that was in the middle of a lawsuit?' asks Oliver Burford, executive director of the Executive Council of Homeowners, a trade group for California associations. 'I wouldn't.'

    Naturally, banks don't like lending money for homes on which lawsuits are pending, either. But there are exceptions. 'There will always be some lenders who are willing to lend you the money,' says Larry Holzman, a Maryland attorney. 'The problem is you will not be able to get the same rates set up because banks have very strict lending criteria.' If you find out a condo you're interested in is embroiled in litigation, use that information to negotiate a lower price, Holzman advises. If you're the seller of such a property, you'd better not hold out for top dollar.

    5. 'We're Poorer Than We Look.'
    Every association has a reserve fund. It's like a savings account, and it's meant to be tapped when things go wrong or the property falls into disrepair. But often these funds are in terrible shape themselves.

    Ron Williams, an engineer with R.J. Moore, a consulting company that specializes in reserve accounting, once worked with a Northern Virginia condominium that had a paltry $100,000 set aside. 'Closer to $1.25 million would have been considered healthy,' says Williams. When power-plant equipment gave out in early 1994, the association didn't have the $400,000 needed to replace it. The solution: A $2,400 special assessment to each of the 170 unit owners and a 22% increase in monthly dues.

    When it comes to checking up on a reserve fund, there are two good rules of thumb. First, about 20% to 25% of your dues should go toward the reserve fund, says Robert Nordlund, president of Association Reserves, a California company that specializes in reserve accounting. Second, there should be a long-term schedule for the reserve fund in the annual budget, including a projection of upcoming expenses for each common-area item: elevator repairs, painting, pool maintenance and so on. Reserve accountants suggest that the account should contain no less than 70% of the projected reserve budget. If the account is 30% funded or less, you can expect to be hit with some big assessments down the road.

    6. 'We Can Make Up the Rules as We Go Along.'
    By law, a majority of the homeowners in an association have to approve any change in the bylaws. But many boards sidestep this by simply changing their house rules, which are as binding as bylaws but can usually be rewritten without asking all the homeowners. 'Even if you were to be given the rules today, they're probably already out of date because [boards are] constantly making changes to the rules at whim,' says Elizabeth McMahon, a co-founder of the American Homeowners' Resource Center, a San Juan Capistrano, Calif., consumer group. 'And they couldn't care less if you don't like them.'

    At the Reston (Va.) Homeowners Association, for instance, only residents who used the swimming pools and tennis courts had to pay for their upkeep. But then in 1990, the board decided everyone ought to chip in, and it polled members. More than 70% of those who voted opposed the new rule, but it didn't matter. In the end, the board pushed it through anyway, and fees climbed 26%. 'They disregarded the will of the people,' says Thierry Gaudin, a Reston homeowner, 'and that was wrong.'

    It may be wrong, but it's the board's right. Period. 'Bottom line, the board has to have the right to run the show,' says attorney Benny Kass, who represents associations. About all you can do is keep up to speed on any changes the board makes in the rules, and if you don't like them, complain. The sooner you raise a fuss, the better: Rules that have been around for a while tend to be the hardest to change.

    7. 'We Don't Want You at Our Meetings.'
    Monthly meetings are open to all homeowners. At least in theory. 'A lot of times, however, meetings are moved at the last minute to limit the questions from homeowners or to keep information from them,' says Willowdean Vance, president of the American Homeowner Association, a consumer group based in Lake Forest, Calif., which has fielded a number of complaints from homeowners who were shut out of meetings.

    Even when you can attend, the board may not acknowledge you. 'Board members won't come out and say that they don't want you at their meetings,' says Vicki Satern, co-founder of Common Ownership Alliance, a Washington, D.C., consumer group. 'But basically, that's what their goal is.'

    She knows from firsthand experience. The board at her Virginia vacation home once decided to hire a new management company. The problem: 'They cost double the money,' says Satern. 'They wanted 6% of refurbishing contracts, 10% on engineering contracts, plus we had to buy their copyrighted software and the equipment to use it.'

    Outraged, Satern raised her hand at a board meeting. 'They ignored me,' she says. 'Finally, I just spoke up. They yelled at me and said I was not allowed to speak.' The new management company was hired.

    'When you come to a board meeting,' says B. William Smink, the association's attorney, 'you can sit, you can observe, but you cannot speak because the board is there to exercise its business judgment. And that's in compliance with national and state community-association laws.' Satern would have done better, according to Smink, if she had contacted the board members individually before or after the meeting.

    Other options for homeowners who feel ignored: 'Put your complaint in writing,' says attorney Michael Nagle, who represents associations. 'That's hard to ignore.' If that gets you nowhere, petition other homeowners and call a special meeting to discuss the issue or to remove some of the board members. 'And if it's really bad, take the board to court,' suggests Nagle.

    8. 'We're in Over Our Heads.'
    Most board members are volunteers, and they generally get their training on the job. Sometimes their inexperience means they bungle the bookkeeping, resulting in higher fees or assessments. Sometimes they fail to do their homework on outside contractors, meaning that you get shoddy workmanship in your common areas. And sometimes, as Mary Lindsey knows all too well, they can cause much bigger problems.

    While involved in a divorce in 1992, the Pomona, Calif., family therapist fell behind in her monthly dues. Back dues, late fees and interest quickly mushroomed, so Lindsey tried to work out a payment plan with the board and a credit-counseling service. But they couldn't agree on exactly how much was owed. 'I thought I owed them less than $800,' says Lindsey. 'They said it was over $1,000.' The dispute wound up in court as the association threatened to foreclose on her home.

    In the end, it turned out that Lindsey was right about the money she owed. The board had goofed. But the association won its lawsuit anyway. The judge ruled that she was wrong not to make back payments while the matter was in dispute. To her dismay, Lindsey was left with a $22,000 bill for the association's legal costs, late fees and interest.

    9. 'We Work for Nothing but Get Compensated in Other Ways.'
    Being on the board is a thankless job, board members will tell you. That's probably true much of the time. But strictly speaking, it's not always so. The thanks they often get may surprise you.

    Special favors and perks for board members are fairly common. The potential for abuse is inherent in the way these things are organized. The board members give themselves and their friends privileges and they never get hassled. The worst-case scenario: The board retains a contractor and board members get kickbacks.

    'This goes on, no question,' says Virginia real estate attorney Fredrick H. Goldbecker. 'It's usually done legally, so it's bulletproof, but that doesn't make it right.' When the roof needs repairing, for example, 'the board says the work needs to be done a certain way, and the only roofer in town who can do it that way is related to a board member,' Goldbecker says. Because many associations have no formal system of checks and balances, homeowners often have no idea how their boards make decisions about contractors. About all you can do is keep a careful eye on the board. Big expenditures, no matter how mundane, are worth looking into.

    10. 'We're Incredibly Petty.'
    In many associations being hard-nosed about the rules is practically the board's raison d'etre. 'Some of these board members have nothing better to do. So instead of taking care of the property, they censor people's lifestyles,' says Vicki Satern of Common Ownership Alliance. She needn't tell Allen Warshaw. To ward off a neighbor who had attacked him with a log, he asked his Rockville, Md., board to bend the rules. He wanted a six-foot fence, two feet taller than allowed. When the application was denied, he sued -- and lost. Warshaw wound up with the association's bills, too. The total: $23,000 in legal fees, court costs and interest.

    Humbled but determined, he built a shorter fence. 'I wasn't really worried because the board had told me that they don't go out and measure fences,' he says. As soon as the fence was up, several board members walked over to Warshaw's yard and measured it. And indeed, in some areas the fence was a few inches over four feet. The dispute continued. 'They put a lien on my property,' Warshaw says. 'They took all my savings, and they're garnishing my paycheck. It's like I am a common criminal. It has been devastating.' Says Jeffrey Van Grack, the association's attorney: 'The board made numerous offers to try to work out the payments, but Mr. Warshaw refused.'

    Sometimes the pettiness is more subtle. When one Virginia homeowner asked for permission to hang Christmas tree lights in 1992, the board didn't like the idea but didn't know how to prevent it. 'We struggled with this one,' says lawyer Benny Kass, who represented the association. 'But we finally concluded that the restriction against hanging lights was valid because you were pounding nails into the wood, and that was a fire hazard.' Ho-ho-ho.

  • Take Back our HOA
    Hi, I have lived here for 5 Years and so far every year my dues have gone up with no reason for the raises and no way to give any input as a Homeowner. I think we need to have a meeting with all the Homeowners and get a commitment to not pay our dues until we can vote in new board members and audit our book and expenses. I think due to the low involvment of the homeowners here at the HOA meetings that we will probably have to get together and go doot to door to get enough support. I think the current board is doing nothing to rein in the spending on the golf course. At one meeting a few years ago David Trimble said the HOA has been on the Red since it started 12-15 years ago. I say if the current board and Don as a manager can't keep our expenses within the $700,000 a years income, based on Barolwes shoddy estimate that we were shown one year, then we need board members and a Manager for the golf course who can. Personally I think that a lot of the income that should go to supporting the course and the HOA is going into someones pocket.
  • Have you heard?
    I've in Canewood for 5 yrs now & countless people don't pay dues, yet, as much gossip, lies & Bulls#*t thats talkled about has ANYONE ever heard of a lien placed on anyones property? I have never heard of any. Can anyone prove me wrong?
  • Dog Leash Rule
    There needs to be more inforcement as to keeping your dogs on leashes at all times when out of your yard. Several people are having problems with dogs being let loose and wondering into their yards, doing its business, and it not being cleaned up. It gets old cleaning other dogs crap out of your own yard!
  • What can we do Honestly?
    I was so glad to see the turn out for the HOA meeting the other night… all 30 of us. I thought some of you might want to know the highlights of the meeting. If the low number is because you guys are tired of hearing the same thing over and over again, this is my second HOA meeting and it was exactly like the first.

    First of all, guess what… the dues are going up again! Up to 1600 hundred dollars! We are 70,000 dollars in the red and now we have been informed by Edwin (Manager of EMG) that Barlow is not covering the expenses anymore. (The main reason the board says he keeps control of the course and appoints the Board).

    Questions I asked last night in response to the increase. Is there a ceiling on the increase over the next 5 or so years, how much can it go up over a certain amount of time, once it reaches a certain amount can I opt out of the golf option? You guess the answer to all, and let me say this guy is totally clueless and should not finance a trip to the zoo.

    Don even informed him that a 12000.00 dollar charge that he had on his list of expenses would not be on there next year, so I said that’s another 32 dollars that you can take off the 1600 and Edwin said no were not doing that there maybe hidden expenses… like what, your vacation next year?

    We have 120 thousand in delinquent debts from homeowners, with 396 homes in Canewood that is roughly 24% of the neighborhood not paying. Why isn’t Edwin using a collection agency to get the neighborhoods money, if everyone was up to date, we would be 40 thousand in the black. We are paying this guy about 11,000 to handle our account and he is worthless everyone, 11,000 to send out an invoice every 3 months.

    When asked what other alternatives were researched instead of just increasing the HOA dues, he replied sharply and honestly we didn’t research other alternatives. Hmmm, that’s pretty lazy for a man getting paid to manage the neighborhood..

    Also the question was asked about getting the numbers audited by the state or IRS and he said we can’t afford to do that right now because it would cost 7 to 8 grand… You just increased my HOA dues 250 dollars I don’t think another 19 dollars would hurt me if it is to find out whether the numbers are legit. (I do not think they are)..

    Guys, I am in Manufacturing Management and I am not going to pretend to be an accountant.. But I know BS when I hear it. There was no homework done on this, no research. Edwin and EMG took the quickest route possible to solve a problem that occurs every year. Canewood is always negative.. I have lived in the neighborhood two years and the dues have increased almost 33%. We have a serious problem occurring and we need to get a handle on it ASAP. We need to get Canewood Inc (Barlow) audited, and we need hard numbers on the expenses of the neighborhood and golf course.. We also need a Property Management Team that is for the neighborhood not the developer and will go after delinquent homeowners.

    I think the neighborhood needs to have a meeting with just the neighbors, can we contact a city council representative or someone to help us out? I know we have some people in the nieghborhood who could assist in getting this under control, or at least know the steps that need to be taken..
  • What HOA fee Raise?
    AT what HOA informative meeting was this raise announced. I didn't receive any notice that the HOA was even having a meeting. At what point was the board going to let the homeowners know?
  • What can we do?
    If the reports that HOA dues are going up to $1,600 a year are true, I will no longer be able to afford to live at Canewood. It's already ridiculous to have to pay as much as we do, especially since I don't even golf. Selling my home doesn't seem like an option...there is an abundance of homes for sale -- none of which are selling. How will I be able to sell my house when it comes with a $1,600 yearly obligation? No one will want to live here. My question is: What can we do? Is there any solution???
    How much higher are our dues going to go? What are we getting for our money? Absolutely NOTHING!!!
    How much higher are our dues going to go? What are we getting for our money? Absolutely NOTHING!!!
  • Lets stop paying the stupid HOA fees!
    I think we should all just stop paying the overpriced HOA fees! Obviously they aren't going to do anything to the folks that already don't pay. If they did, we wouldn't be forced to shell out the additional $$. So what if they put a lien against our house? With dues like this, we will never be able to sell our houses anyway. This is simply rediculous. I've seen the lack of care that was paid to the golf course this year and I would not be shocked to find out that the rennovations for Wilshires was paid for by our HOA fees. However; I've been told that Don's salary is close to $200k. I would LOVE to see numbers of where our $$ is being spent. My guess is the lack of $$ being brought in by Wilshires has made someone default on their loan and I bet we as home owners are picking up the tab! Someone needs to investigate this rediculousness!
    Stop complaining; it takes money to bring in bands to play at all hours of the night. Plus we have to offset the losses of the neighborhood Bar & Grille, his Majesty's empty lots & houses he can't sell , all of the gas the workers fill their cars up with to park in the middle of the road, let me see, oh yea, plus we are better off because his Majesty is paying more too. Let his Majesty & the propriator of the Bar & Grille have the golf course & let them make all of the money they can & leave us out of it. They'll make money & we will save money. These meetings are the same old song & dance.
  • HOA Dues
    According to Edwin Gibson the HOA Dues are being raised to $1600/Year in 2010. Those of you that don't golf be prepared to give away more of your hard earned money. Non Golfers that live in Cherry Blossom pay $200/year. Seems like the same thing could be done at Canewood. It would attract more home buyers to some of these empty houses sitting in Canewood.
  • Street Sign Missing !
    The street sign for St. Augustines Ct. has been missing for several months. Don can you please get one of your workers on the payroll to put the street sign back up. There are currently 4 houses for sale on this court. It would be helpful to have a street sign up so realtors and potential homebuyers can see it. Thank you.
  • Bypass Extension
    Looks like the bypass will be coming through Canewood in 2011 according to Don Wilshire. Hopefully it will better traffic conditions in Georgetown. Not sure how it will effect Canewood besides having a smaller golf course.
  • Time For Change....
    Tom Paine seems to know what it takes to change the Canewood HOA as far as cutting costs and making the HOA dues more affordable so potential home buyers will want to move to Canewood. To bad there are not more people like him in Canewood that will come together to help bring change. It takes everybody coming together to make change happen.
  • Seriously?
    Seriously? Our HOA fees going up again? WTF for? Are you kidding me? It now costs almost as much to live at Canewood as it does to live at Cherry Blossom! No wonder homes are being sold and foreclosed on so fast in Canewood. Our fees just went up earlier this year. What is the $$ going toward?
  • Dues going up in 2010
    They announced last night in our HOA 'informative meeting' that golf HOA dues are going up to $1600 as of January 1. I wish we could get a list of our neighbors who are $120,000 deliquent on their dues so we could thank them for making us pay for their lack of!
  • Pot holes
    I like driving into large pot holes every day. If you don't like it, move!
  • My Back Yard
    I like the music playing. The louder the better. As a matter of fact, I sit in my back yard with a 6-pack & a fifth of Woodford, enjoying the music. If you don't like it, MOVE!!!
  • Wilshire's
    I find it funny that Georgetown is so conservative regarding alcohol. You can't even buy a 6 pack downtown but then we have a bar that has live bands or loud music every weekend that attracts all kinds of people. Who wants a 'restaurant' right in their back yard that stays open until all hours and then we have the drunks driving thru our streets to go home?? Give me a break...a golf course restaurant should close at a reasonable time..9P??
  • Keep a Watchful Eye !!
    Be sure to watch your and our friends property when your golf cart is parked by the clubhouse.

    Numerous clubs and i-phones along with other valuabl;es have been stolen over the summer.

    When in doubt report any suspicious activity.

    Let's all help each other!
  • Bypass information
    Contrary to previously published information, I did NOT receive any disclosure about the bypass when I bought my home last summer. I would very much like to see a map of this bypass, but it as eluded me on the DOT website. Any help would be appreciated.
  • curious
    Does anyone have dates for fall community yardsale? Is there going to be one??
  • Farm Tractors In Canewood
    When did the HOA allow large farm tractors to be parked in driveways in Canewood? Derrick Roberts rents a house on St Augustines Ct and one of the many people that live in his rental house drives a large farm tractor home on ocassion from the farm he works on and parks it right out front in the driveway overnight. This is one big eyesore and makes it hard for others to show and sell homes in this neighborhood. Rental homes are ruining our neighborhood!
  • Thanks for Moving the Trailer
    I don't think anyone is complaining about boats that are in the neighborhood for a few days... I think it's more about the ones that have been parked for weeks or months at a time.
    I personally haven't noticed any boats recently, but I agree with the complaint regarding the large trailer that was parked (in an empty lot) in the back of the neighborhood for over a month. I see that it finally got moved this week... So I would like to personally thank the owner for moving it or whomever was responsible for getting it moved!
  • GPD and Code Enforcement
    The best way to get parked cars off the street that have been sitting undriven for months at a time is to call the Georgetown Police Dept. They respond the same day you call and usually have the car towed within 24 hours. Dont waste your time calling EMG Mgmt. They are no help what so ever in my past experiences. The Georgtown Code Enforcement Officer will also fine neighbors that do not keep their yards mowed .
  • About all the complaints
    For all you people who are complaining, some of the things you are complaining about are things to be concerned about. On the other hang, most of the complaints are ridiculous! You people are just looking for things to complain about. We are very lucky to have such a nice neighborhood with a lot of great things to offer (golf course, restraunt, pool). If you owned a boat, wouldn't you want to be able to park it in your own driveway that you are paying for? It's summertime and people are going on vacation to where they are taking their boats. Get over it! If you all have such a big problem with the way things are in Canewood then move!
  • Hillbilly Hills
    We have a very nice resturant/bar in our neighborhood; do we really need to advertise $1.00 Budweiser with a gigantic sign infront of the Canewood sign? We look more & more like West by-god Virginia everyday. Just put an outside toilet out; oh, we do have one... What are we advertising next? $1.00 BEER & a Wet-T-Shirt contest?
  • Complain Here
    The first place to complain is to the HOA. That won't work; then you complain at the Pro-Shop, The owner is on the Board of Directors of the HOA, that won't work either. Then complain to the Neighborhood Watch company we homeowners pay thousands of dallors to, too handle these situation, they are truly worthless, that won't work either. So when all of the proper channels are followed and nothing works, simply call the City of G-Town, Code Enforcement Officer & they will do for free what we pay the HOA run by his Majesty & croonies thousands of dollars to do. I promise the trailers & boats will be moved or towed; either way they are gone!
  • Complain Here
    The first place to complain is to the HOA. That won't work; then you complain at the Pro-Shop, The owner is on the Board of Directors of the HOA, that won't work either. Then complain to the Neighborhood Watch company we homeowners pay thousands of dallors to, too handle these situation, they are truly worthless, that won't work either. So when all of the proper channels are followed and nothing works, simply call the City of G-Town, Code Enforcement Officer & they will do for free what we pay the HOA run by his Majesty & croonies thousands of dollars to do. I promise the trailers & boats will be moved or towed; either way they are gone!
  • Boats and Trailers
    Who do we need to contact about boats and large trailers parked throughout the neighborhood?
    For example: For the past two weeks there has been a large car trailer parked in the back of the neighborhood in an empty lot. Just because the lot is empty doesn't mean you can park on it! Also, I've noticed a few smaller trailers and boats parked through out as well.
    Isn't this clearly mentioned in our neighborhood restrictions?
    If someone could tell me who to call to complain (that may actually be able to do something about it), I would appreciate it greatly!
  • So many issues/So little answers
    Does anyone know when the next HOA meeting is? It sounds like we have alot to discuss & straightened out....
  • Hogwash
    There isn't 8-10 people living in any house in Canewood with one in the garage! If there is & you haven't posted the address then you deserve to look at that eyesore...
    Try selling a house in Hillbilly Hills. I put my house up for sale, I come home & theres a 24 foot sail boat blocking the street. Not to be out done, later that day a 26 foot yellow boat is parked in an empty lot, then the not to be out done even more, Hillbilly Hills grounds keepers park an even brighter yellow backhoe next to the cart barn showing that lovely piece of equiptment off. Thank god for small miracles; both boats are gone & now all of my potential home buyers who love the house, love the neighborhood, stroll out front of the house & what do they see? About 10 workers climbing all over the backhoe eating & drinking god only knows what....Come on now; help a brother out!
  • Renters at Canewood
    Amen about the renters following HOA rules! Anyone who lives here, owner or renter, should have to follow the same rules.
    We did not purchase a home in this nice subdivision so we could be surrounded by renters who might not be interested in caring and providing upkeep for a house they do not own. That's why we moved here. Boy, have we been surprised. Right now, the only houses next to us are empty, with 'For Sale or RENT' signs in front!
    Now, where do we all get a current up-to-date copy of those HOA rules?
  • Section 8 Rental Homes In Canewood
    Something needs to be done about Canewood home owners renting their homes out to low income Section 8 renters. There is one house in Canewood that has 8-10 people living in it at any given time. One man that lives in this house actually has a bed set up in the garage of this home where he lives for all the neighbors to see. Several neighbors have complained and several homeowners have decided to sell their homes because of this eyesore.
  • 14th Tee
    Call his Majesty; he's your neighbor. A great guy everyone says. Maybe its his septic backflowing is the smell. Did you call the HOA goofs who are suppose to be preventing this from happening?
  • 14th Tee
    Call his Majesty; he's your neighbor. A great guy everyone says. Maybe its his septic backflowing is the smell. Did you call the HOA goofs who are suppose to be preventing this from happening?
  • Landfill Behind 14th Tee Box
    Anyone know who to call about the landfill behind the 14th tee box? Was there yesterday and a horrible smell was coming from that way. Smells like decomposition. I'm sure this is against some code not to mention how terrible it looks. It has been an eyesore for quite a while but since the recent storms, it has become rediculous! Wonder why the homeowners in that area haven't spoken up? Anyone have any ideas? What is our homeowner's fees going to?
  • Boats allowed? Since when?
    Since when are there boats allowed to be stored in the driveways in Canewood. Did that rule change this year? Its bad enough Canewood has a bunch of renters here these days, now they are storing boats in their driveways....Where is our HOA rule enforcers we pay so money too?
  • Touch of Class
    Thats right! If Canewood didn't have low class people not following the HOA rules, there wouldn't be any 'CLASS' at all. I guess around here anymore, low class is better than no class. When are the doublewides moving in? The bass boats are here now!
  • Touch of Class
    Thats right! If Canewood didn't have low class people not following the HOA rules, there wouldn't be any 'CLASS' at all. I guess around here anymore, low class is better than no class. When are the doublewides moving in? The bass boats are here now!
    At the next HOA meeting lets change the name of Canewood Golf Course to Hillibilly Hills, run by Sam Drucker after all Drucker's Store was Sam's passion ....And sometimes you can see a pig there too.
    At the next HOA meeting lets change the name of Canewood Golf Course to Hillibilly Hills, run by Sam Drucker after all Drucker's Store was Sam's passion ....And sometimes you can see a pig there too.
  • Double Dipping
    So if Don spends all his time in the restaurant, Is he still getting his Pro Salary? Where is the money coming from to pay Chuck to sit around all day at the restaurant? Surely not out of the Canewood HOA funds. What about the kitchen help? Wilshire's and the Golf Course should not be on the same financial books! I think we all know Don's passion is the restaurant, I think we need to hire a new pro, someone to manage the course to give it the attention it needs!
  • Honest Questions
    Just wanted to say thanks Don for Wilshire's. It adds a touch of class to the neighborhood, I really think everyone enjoys it.

    1. Is the golf course suffering.. It's not getting the attention it should, the back nine is terrible and we did not airrate the greens.
    2. With Don managing the restaurant who is managing the golf course?
    3. How are we suppose to play, with scrambles every weekend, this is getting to be very frustrating!! I think scrambles should be weekdays only!
    4. Lived here almost 3 years and there has only been 1 home owners association. Why
  • Swimming pool fees???
    Swimming Pool 'fees' are 'covered' under Home Owners 'Dues' for those of us who actually pay our dues. Unfortunately, I must say, I was a little surprised this year when taking a single guest to the pool and I was asked to pay an extra $2.00 to cover the cost for our guest to swim. We have 4 members in our household, we pay full membership to both golf and pool; very rarely do we take full advantage and use this for all 4 members- OUR CHOICE- we still pay- we live here! Honestly, we thought years ago, this was going to be 'law' for everyone, so our membership dues would go down and everyone would reap the benefits at a much lower cost and we would look even bigger and better around here-----WOW -those plans and dreams!!! - Anyhoo.... as I sat and pondered the thought of the pool, the $2.00 and the entire situation, I thought, well; had we of had our guest golfing that day instead of swimming, we would have had to pay for that instead of swimming, and that wouldn't have been argued at all. Golfing has always been understood as guests invited, you pay...this is the first year swimming was brought to my attention. It would be so nice if all new policies could be posted and mailed inside our quarterly statements, one might find fewer posted message board 'nasties'! Of course, we wouldn't get to hear from our wonderful neighbors telling us to just move!
  • Paying swimming fees
    Oh about 2 years now. Thats the only way that our Canewood kids can swim. Otherwise people like you bring in guests from all over G-Town to swim. Wake-up! They should charge $5, that way the non-residents & guests kids will go to the waterpark where they belong. We don't run a babysitting serve here, we play golf. Hence, you live in a golfing community; DAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
  • swimming pool fees???
    when did it take effect that to bring one guest to the pool you had to pay$2.00. also when were the residents notified of this seemingly arbitrary change in the policy.I find it hard to imagine that the dues that were all supposed to pay can not fund the operation of a small pool such as the one we have.
    As a wise man once said at one of our meetings 'If you don't like it here, just MOVE.' Stop your complaining. Some things in life just aren'y fair..... Pay up & shut up!
    Please support your local girls golf team on June 13th 2009, by golfing in our 2-person scramble tournament. Please contact Jason Carpenter at 859-619-0420. GO CARDS!!
    When is the next HOA meeting? and maybe everyone needs to be present to see who pays these dues and who dosen't. We need to put and end to this. Everyone who lives in Canewood should pay dues. Everyone!! I do and was not aware that residents do not. I never really asked anyone else. It sounds to me like welfare, where the people who are paying are paying for the ones who are not and that's not right. If anyone knows when the next meeting is please post it, or if someone would like to hold a meeting for all the paying residents why don't you do so.
  • About Uneven HOA Dues
    To answer your question about HOA dues. At several of the HOA meetings over the years, we the residents, have asked Barlowe Homes to provide us with a list of which house are paying what level of dues. We have always been answered with the blanket statement that 'All Homeowners in Canewood pay the same amount of dues'. This is a direct Quote from Mr. Barlowe and David Trimble. However as a homeowner here,I personally know of two homeowners who do not pay any association dues or fees to the golf course. They don't use the course and have lived here for years, but were sold homes by Barlowe Homes and in their contracts it was stated that they were excluded from paying these dues as part of their deed of sale from Barlowe Homes. This is a quote from both homeowners whom I won't name unless they let me post their names on here. I think if I know of two homeowners here that don't, then there are probably several more that have the same deal. It was said at one HOA meetings that Barlowe Homes was paying the dues for these people and for certain lots. However their last financial statement did not show any money from Barlowe homes given to the HOA for anything. So personally, I believe my neighbors who say they don't pay dues. I believe that it is YOU and ME who are paying these peoples dues. Unfortunately, we as homeowners have not been allowed to see the books or receipts of the HOA. Only Barlowes cronies get that info. I would say we are systematcially being FLEECED becuase most of the sheep are to scared to stand up and say they want to take control of their own homeowners association. If you want a taste of what we have been getting for years. Feel free to call one of the board members listed below and ask them that question. Scroll Down for Board Contact Info. The reply you'll probably get is either absolutely NO everyone pays the same, or a I don't know, I'll check into it, and the person will never get back to you. Good Hunting though.
  • HOA Dues
    Why is it that some Canewood residents are exempt from paying HOA Dues or only pay partial while the rest of us pay $1440 a year whether we golf or not? I've asked this question several times on here and have failed to get an answer. Does anyone on this site answer questions or is this just a place to vent?
  • Fair Treatment
    To the person who doesn't like the house on St. Andrews.

    While you may find it amusing to hear people rant and complain about their problems here at Canewood. You youself point out a situation where the by-laws here are not being equally applied. The builder of the house on St. Andrews has a 'Working Realtionship' with Barlowe, this is one of the reasons why he can get away with leaving one of the biggest eyesores in Canewood without paying any penalty. Many of us have complained about that house. Starting with the trash and debris the builder was leaving in the streets, then progressing to the mixed color eye sore brick, which he eventually painted over, to the 4' tall grass in the vacant lot and yard he owns. The builder has paid zero in dues, and continues to leave the property a mess. The Association by-laws could be enforced, and force the builder to complete the property or fine the builder. But because the Builder is a friend of Barlowes this will not happen. Unpaid fines from the Association could force the Builder to Forclose on the property and sell it to someone who will finish it but our clutch of Barlowe cronies won't do it because they know the builder is a friend of Barlowes, and since all of our boardmembers hold their positions based on Barlowes placng them on the board rather than them being Lawfully elected by the Homeowners here as our by-laws state, they won't do anything that may bite the hand that is feeding them. You see, many people are frustrated by the complete lack of consideration that our current board has for anyone who has an opinion contrary to Barlowe homes position. Everyone is happy with association until they have problem and their issue is laughed at, or they are fined for having their rear fence 2' too close to the course, while board memebers are allowed to completely ignore the rule. If you want to feel some of these homeowners frustration just ask one of the current board members when you can vote on an issue that is important to you. Once they are done laughing in your face, they will tell you to 'Stop being a trouble maker sit down, shut up, and pay whatever dues I tell you to, and if you don't like it you can move, and if you won't move, we may just vote to forclose on your house if you keep causing trouble, because we can fine you for whatever we feel like.Do you think you have more money that Barlowe Homes! Sit down and be a good serf, because'; here comes the creed of all despots and tyrants,'because we knows whats best for you, and the board is just doing this for the betterment of Canewood.'
    Someday once Barolwe Homes finally leaves, a group of us will have to do damage control on the association finances, and I believe we will find that a small select group of Homeowners and Barlowe homes was stuffing their pockets with our dues. When that day comes you need to stand up at our Homeowners meeting and tell everyone how glad you were to pay an extra $500-$600 per year so Don Wilshire and Barlow Homes could make themselves that much richer at your expense. Your acceptance of their disregard for your fellows homeowners problems makes you as much a part of the problem as they are.

    'The worst tyrants are those which establish themselves in our own breasts.'

    William Ellery Channing

    Thomas Paine
  • Paynes Landing. Qustions Here?
    Number one. Do you pay HOA dues? If the answer is yes, then you can ask questions. If the answer is no, then NO! Now just in case you were under the impression Canewood is run by a fair & balanced group of board of directors; you are wrong. We are governed by His Majesty & Court of Oafs & Jokers. If you have a complaint & you believe the HOA rules are applied differently throughout Canewood, then simply come to the next HOA meeting & ask your dignified question. By the time His Majesty's Posse yells you down, critizes you, makes fun of how you look & talk, belittles you infront of your neighbors then tell you to move if you don't like it here; you'll do like the rest & just SHUT UP!
  • Paynes Landing. Qustions Here?
    Number one. Do you pay HOA dues? If the answer is yes, then you can ask questions. If the answer is no, then NO! Now just in case you were under the impression Canewood is run by a fair & balanced group of board of directors; you are wrong. We are governed by His Majesty & Court of Oafs & Jokers. If you have a complaint & you believe the HOA rules are applied differently throughout Canewood, then simply come to the next HOA meeting & ask your dignified question. By the time His Majesty's Posse yells you down, critizes you, makes fun of how you look & talk, belittles you infront of your neighbors then tell you to move if you don't like it here; you'll do like the rest & just SHUT UP!
  • Can Paynes Landing Residents ask questions here?
    I live in Paynes Landing, well at least that's what they told us when we had the house built. Now I'm not so sure, I've heard we're considered part of Canewood also. We live back in the new part, Swilcan Bridge... back there. I'm not very happy with the HOA either. I'm trying to figure out why the rules only apply to certain people. I can't seem to get a straight answer from anyone! They tell me I can lodge a formal complaint about our situation, but I really hate to do that! I'm not complaining about what the others have done, but about the fact that they can do it and we can't! Who is it that enforces our HOA restrictions? Is it possible to have them changed or possibly even just altered? We are not the type of people to go against the rules but we are tired of being walked all over! Since day one of building a house here we have been pushed around! Someone told me I need to talk to Edwin Gibson about my concerns.... does this person exist? If so how do I contact him? Anyone please?
  • The Man Speaks
    Your just a gollable as the rest. Of course they don't pay; they just make rule & raise the HOA fees & make us pay! And pay through the nose we do....
  • Gotten Over
    #1. I didn't want a 5 acre lot with no rules. #2. Perhaps you should have looked into that part of the subdivision before you purchased a house that resembles a crack house. And your right. Theres nothing you can do about it. I like structure, I like rules. However, the same rules should apply to everyone in Canewood. For example: I have a 3-4 foot fence around my property but in the Reserve where you are complaining from have homes with 6 foot privacy fences looking like the Alamo! Maybe some of our workers will take offense and tear them down.
  • Gotten Over
    #1. I didn't want a 5 acre lot with no rules. #2. Perhaps you should have looked into that part of the subdivision before you purchased a house that resembles a crack house. And your right. Theres nothing you can do about it. I like structure, I like rules. However, the same rules should apply to everyone in Canewood. For example: I have a 3-4 foot fence around my property but in the Reserve where you are complaining from have homes with 6 foot privacy fences looking like the Alamo! Maybe some of our workers will take offense and tear them down.
  • get over ur selves people
    in my opinon is, get over all this fuss and appreciate that you are blessed enough to live in a neighborhood like this. i cant believe some of the things people say on here. i also think its funny yall call Barlow the king .Hes just an old man whom built a huge house in a neighborhood he so called founded ,he isnt Christopher Columbus you guys, my goodness..Its like this ,mind ur on buisness and find something better to do than sit back and complain and fight back and forth ..Its so funny and childish but yet very entertaining to me. If you didnt want any rules you should have bought a 5acre lot and then u could make ur on rules ,well then you wouldnt have anyone to complain to now would you..Oh well.. i guess i do have 1 complaint ,im due 1 since ive lived here for 3yrs now and havent ever complained about anything..The house on the round about corner on St. Andrews ,well im sick of looking at that..It looks like a crack house .But i know there is nothing to do about it and i havent the time to go to meetings and complain about such a thing..Have a Happy Day in Sunny Georgetown Suburbia!!
  • Zoning Change
    Join the rest us that got BAMBOOZOLED!!! You mean His Majesty or his representatives failed to disclose information to you at closing??? All the Kings Horses & All the Kings Men can't do anything at that zoning meeting...Maybe ask the Concerned Citizens Of Canewood to pitch in 5 grand for a lobbyist...Oh; that didn't work either. The only thing that happened this past month was your money going into His Majesty's pocket!!! Your not the only ones whose apart of this ponzi scheme...We're all in and can't do anything about it.....:-)
  • Rentals/Section 8
    Since when does the HOA allow section 8 in Canewood? There are to many rental properties and now section 8. We pay to much HOA dues to allow this to happen to our neighborhood. Things need to change and change quick.
  • No Whinning, Just Facts
    #1, everyone was not told of the by-pass. #2, the home owners who were never told have a ligitmate beef. #3, those home owners were never given full disclosure by either the developer or the realitors which is a totally separate issue from the whinners. #5, I don't care anything about the feelings of those who foolishly waisted their money trying to stop a done deal. Ask yourself one question; Why didn't his Majesty contribute any cash? Answer: because he's not a FOOL....Those who were never given full disclosure at their closing have an open & shut case. You just have to decide whether or not you have a beef....
  • Stop Whining - bypass issues
    Yes ~ we knew the bypass was coming. All home owners who purchased in the affected area were told by realtors and developers that the bypass was going to be on the other side of the stone fence....or on the school side of the fence. Many were never told at all. Don't you see a problem here? Yes a lobbyist was hired and we paid $5000 for the service. It was stopped. I personally contributed over $2000 to the cause and one other home owner contributed $1000. It now appears that because of the largest liberal spending bill in the history of our country that we are going to have a bypass to nowhere courtesy of President Obama, Queen Pelosi and Damon Thayer. A lawsuit will likely cost home owners $40k in legal fees. No we are not whining ~ we are wronged and darn unhappy about it. If you are really concerned about the feelings of the home owners affected by the bypass to nowhere then come to the end of The Masters , knock on our doors and we'll show you how close to peoples homes the bypass will come. I can tell you how much it will cost, how much is wasted and how wrong it really is. No one will be untouched by this travesty - Barlow will be implicated along with local politicians and Transportation cabinet.
  • Neighborhood Drunks
    I just read in the article about our neighborhood resturant. The author has concerns because they have seen drunks in our neighborhood before the opening of the resturant. My question is, 'What did you do?' As a Concerned Citizen of Canewood you should have called the police! And, the HOA should fit the bill for additional parking if you're so worried about it. Wait for parking to become a problem then complain; parking has never been a concern around the Clubhouse or from the golfers. Just take a ride anywhere around the subdivision. We have fools parking in the road, in the mediums, in their front yards, in the driveways of vacant homes!!!! Those are the threats to our community, kids and to our HOME VALUES!!! The board of directors of the HOA need to clean those eye sores up first. If you have to many vehicles for your own garages & driveways; then get rid of them. I'm tired of playing dodge-ems.........
  • Go Someplace Else
    I have been here in Canewood for nearly 10 years & parking has never been a problem. If parking does become a problem, then thats a good thing because our HOA dues will not go up because the golfing bussiness is good. HELLOOOO!!!! To resolve your issue I quote the wiseman of CANEWOOD, ' GO SOMEPLACE ELSE!' or maybe he said 'Why do you just Move?' Samething ain't it?
  • Parking woes!!!!
    Why don't you just park at your house and walk and stop being lazy!! Also you can buy a golf cart or rent a golf cart at the clubhouse you cheap b@sT&*d!!! Or even better yet, WHY DON'T YOU JUST MOVE???
  • Roadside Parking
    YO!!!! Parking woe....The golf course was a private business long before the resturant...The only time I can tell parking is a problem in Canewood is when our holy rollers decide to have prayer meetings next to my house blocking my driveway instead of at their wonderful facilities. As far back as can remember, not one drunk has ever blocked my driveway, but I have cigarette butts and water bottles litering my yard on a regular basis on the other.
  • Roadside Parking
    YO!!!! Parking woe....The golf course was a private business long before the resturant...The only time I can tell parking is a problem in Canewood is when our holy rollers decide to have prayer meetings next to my house blocking my driveway instead of at their wonderful facilities. As far back as can remember, not one drunk has ever blocked my driveway, but I have cigarette butts and water bottles litering my yard on a regular basis on the other.
  • Who Pays for the Parking
    I am also concerned about the parking.
    It seems that we are already paying more than our
    share to support Wilshire's.
    Does anyone know if Wilshire's is paying any leasing
    money back to the association for the use of those parking
    So far I don't think Wilshire's is paying any money back
    into the Association.
    I think that since the Association owns the Golf Course, that
    the Course should be getting some income from a private
    business that is operating on Association property.
    My concern is that my dues will go up because we will have to
    pay to put in more parking to support Wilshire's.
    I am also concerned that the lack of parking will have a negative
    impact on people wanting to Golf here at the course.
    If I can't find an easy place park I usually go somewhere else.
    I am afraid the course will lose business and then we will be asked
    once again to offset losses at the course by raising our dues.
    When we were using the pool last year it was sometimes difficult to
    park at the Clubhouse.
    I have the feeling that it will be even worse this summer.
  • Golf Schedule
    When is the Golf Committee going to put out the golf schedule? Normally something is happening around St. Pat's Day.....
  • Thats a Plan???
    Thats not a plan!!! That bunch of nonsense is a call to suscede from Canewood...Like a wise man once said 'Why don't you just move?' That makes more sense than this Uncommon Sense.....Your absence would also fix the HOA.
  • Babysitting
    Babysitting for VERY cheap over the summer, all hours of the day. Please contact me if you are interested :)
  • Thomas Paine
    You are a lot like Thomas Paine. You see Thomas Paine didn't believe the Bible was the word of God; WRONG!!!! You don't believe His Majesty wrote the by-laws; and many believe thats the word of GOD. I guess I can say that Canewood is the way God planned it and thats the way its suppose to be; if you don't like it, talk to him about it!!! By the way our next revival starts at 4 pm and goes to 7 pm. You can see God turn water into wine and talk about his handicap...Oh, thats happy hour!!! See ya there Tommy.... :-)
  • A Plan to Fix the Association
    Its easy to complain about how things are being run, but offering criticism without a solution is pointless.
    So here is my solution.
    The first thing that needs to be done is completely remove Barlowe Homes and his appointed lackeys from the
    current board.
    Some homeowners may feel that are well represented by the current board members and I know they will take
    offense at this suggestion, but it needs to happen to break the cycle of mistrust that Barlow Homes has perpetuated.
    So you ask how can we do this?
    Well this can be done first off by getting together and filing a complaint with the Attorney Generals Office.
    You see when a company sells Real Estate Securities, like interest in HOA's, the company must abide by the
    offering plan that was submitted to the State.
    If the company doesn't they are in violation of Kentucky State Law.
    With enough of us asking for a review of the original securities contract we should be able to Legally have Barlowe
    homes turn over the association.
    The second thing we can do is 'VOTE' your share in the Association. The HOA Board has to abide by the bylaws of the
    corporation. If we can get a majority vote of shareholders to agree to re-elect all of the board members then they
    have no choice but to step aside and let us vote in a new board in a 'Legal' election, not this farce of appointing
    Barlowe Homes supporters. If the current board doesn't step down when asked by a majority of shareholder we have
    legal ground to either forcibly make them handover the HOA or to legally go after each board member individually.
    We could even go as far as having the HOA's LLC status as a legal business entity revoked and shut everything down
    until a new board and association can be formed.
    The second thing we need to do is make sure we set a frame work to elect a good cross section of Homeowners to the
    new board. I think that means we should elect one representative from each street to the board.
    I think that Don Wilshire needs to be removed from board and kept from serving on the board. As an 'Employee' of the
    association I think it is unethical to have an employee voting on matters that directly affect his job. There should
    be no reason for the 'Mouse to be in Charge of the Cheese'.
    The third thing that needs to happen is a review of the current policies with an open vote to amend any policies created
    by Barlowe Homes. This help solve some of our Non-Compliance Issues by adjusting policies to fit or removing policies
    that don't.
    The Last thing that needs to happen is to setup monthly meetings with all the board members present to hear complaints
    and work on policy issues and allow Homeowners a forum for airing their ideas and grievances.
    This 'Keep em' in the Dark and feed them s**t' policy of the current board needs to go. We need an open forum where
    Homeowners can discuss what they want to discuss.
    I also think we should vote in term limits for the board members. So we have the opportunity to vote in new people
    as needed and vote out people who aren't doing their job as board members.
    I think this will insure that everyone is heard and represented.
    We can then support doing some real community activities that don't involve just the Golf Course.
    Things like the Community yard sale some of the local ladies put on or the Derby Parties that some of the people on my
    street have. It would be nice when a homeowner says 'We need a playground for the Kids' that we can come together and
    support those kinds of activities instead of just supporting what the over 55 crowd that runs the board wants to do.
    I hate to tell you people on the Board but there 'ARE' a lot of people with kids who 'AREN'T' retired here. Maybe if we
    give them something to do here, they will stay off the course and your lawns. So you can drive your Rascals in peace.
    So if we do this and the people on your street think David Trimble best represent your streets interests than more power
    to you go ahead and vote him in, at least then he will be 'YOUR' choice not Barlowe Home choice.

    A thing moderately good is not so good as it ought to be.
    Moderation in temper is always a virtue;
    but moderation in principle is always a vice.

    Thomas Paine
  • Don't you disagree?
    I find it odd that the board doesn't respond to any of Mr. Paines comments.
    I think this is because they know its all true. I think its a disgrace that they allowed anyone to put in a full service bar here. With all the kids that play here it is only a matter of time before some drunk driver runs over a child here. I pray that never happens but if it does I hope they sue the HOA for allowing a bunch of drunks to congregate in out neighborhood.
  • WHY? WHY? WHY?
    Why is it when someone mixes sarcasm & humor to make a point, those with the thinnest skin, who gossip, spread half truths and yell people down at our meetings are always the ones who wants to know who? The reason most remain anonomious is because thay are afraid of be singled out, talked about, gossip about and be unjustly viewed as a trouble maker just like the gentleman who tried to hold the HOA Board members to the letter of the by-laws. He was told to move if he didn't like things. He doesn't even come to the meetings anymore. Shame on YOU!
  • Town Crier
    I find it very interesting how some people think they are so important when in actuality they are very unimportant. Please, sit back, read the site and stop cackling about who you are. The ones with guility concienses always seem to take offense & feel the need to defend their honor. How do I tell if they're writing about me?
  • What a Joke?????
    'The Concerned Citizens of Canewood was another bunch of nobodys whinning & crying about the by-pass. Wasting 5K on a lobbyist.....What a joke...'
    To the person who wrote this, I'd like to say: At least we tried!
    Maybe you had a better idea? Where were you when we were asking for help? I personally delivered those newletters BEFORE it came to a vote to every home in Canewood. You could have stepped up then with your suggestions.
    It's so easy to write on here, hiding your name. I resent that anyone spew their ugly remarks ,calling me a nobody, for caring, then hiding.
    Who are you? I am Mary Ward.
    Stop complaining! My lord....The Concerned Citizens of Canewood was another bunch of nobodys whinning & crying about the by-pass. Wasting 5K on a lobbyist.....What a joke...If they would have put that same 5K towards an attorney and go after his Majesty in legal terms & in the courts for failing to disclose information when we purchased our homes; they probably would have gotten enough money to be respectable in the court of law. The Concerned Citizens of Canewood posse infact knew when they purchased their homes the by-pass was coming through, yet they purchased anyway. For us that didn't know; now thet 5K could of went to actually do something. So pleaaaaaaseeeeee STOP CRYING......Oh yea; I think a neighborhood attorney did talk tough for awhile, then she got scared too....
  • Mr. Pain ~ Dayum !
    Tom, you are correct. We formed 'The Concerned Citizens of Canewood' to fight the bypass. We even hired a lobbyist for $5000. Mr. Barlow contributed nothing - not even moral support - not one dime. I was a bit hurt at first, as it seemed he did not care. Then I realized that he gets his money whether the bypass comes through or not. Homeowner apathy was rampant and is rampant. It seemed that if you did not live where you could see the bypass then you really did not care. What really bothered me is that our local state senator's wife golfs on our course regularly and yet he still pushes for the bypass. Why ? Well it's not in his back yard and he does not have to look at it every day. Plus he gets to drive on it on his way to I-75 to visit his northern constituents. He does not have to go through town to get to the highway. Bottom line is this - our local politicians have done this to us and we likely can not stop it. I find it odd that three of the four local members of the Transportation Cabinet Citizens Advisory Council for this project bought property on either side of the proposed new alignment six months before the alignment was announced to the local population - yet no one seems to care. I also find it odd that no homeowners, stake holders or property owners were included on the advisory council. - yet no one seems to care. Six months ago, before the state announced a budget crisis it was touted by our local State Senator Thayer that we had to have the bypass to no-where funded because of the FEI World Equestrian Games we coming in 2010. With regard to the HOA ~ There is always room for improvement as there is in any organization. Call Don or Mr. Barlow and volunteer. I have.
  • The Easy Solution
    Let his Majesty & his Oaf have the golf course to make as much money as they can & do away with the HOA. All iin favor say 'YEA'
  • Incorrect Phone Number
    Mr. Trimble's phone number has changed. It is now (859) 514-9786.
  • Board Members
    Your Board members live in the neighborhood and will respond to legitimate questions, but will not respond to anonymous comments on this website. There is a huge difference between all of the spouting off on this website and talking to a person face to face with a real problem. They are not 'hiding' from you! PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL THEM!
  • Tell It to the Man
    I understand all of your frustration. The Board Members HIDE in the dark and refuse to be questioned by US. They HIDE behind this management company and refuse to do what they are being PAID to do. Thats right PAID TO DO. You see the Board Members don't pay dues. It was one of Barlowes gifts to them for being their appointed CRONIES. Its time to make them earn their PAY. When you have a problem, don't call Don. Call the Board Members your dues PAY to represent Your Interests. Even if they only PAY LIP SERVICE to us the Shareholders and do Barlow Homes Unquestioned BIDDING. We can at least make their lives uncomfortable by asking for them to do what they pretend to do. As a matter of fact here is all the board members contact information. This is something that they have purposefully kept from you the Homeowners to keep you from holding them accountable. I say hold them ACCOUNTABLE for the positions they were APPOINTED to make them uncomfortable with you scrutiny and questions. Ask yourselves as HOMEOWNERS and SHAREHOLDERS in this Corporation, ARE THESE PEOPLE REALLY SUPPORTING YOU, OR ARE THEY JUST SUPPORTING BARLOWE HOMES AND THEIR OWN SELF INTERESTS.

    Remmember 'Common Sense' in all Things
    Tom Paine

    James Barlow
    505 General John Payne Blvd.

    John Barlow
    No residence in Canewood

    Don Wilshire
    303 Ward Circle

    Don Hillock
    125 Canewood Blvd

    Mary Lou Haggard
    106 Stonebrooke Court

    David Klee
    514 General John Payne Blvd

    Mike McDermott
    179 The Masters

    David Trimble
    245 Agincourt Place
  • 180 Recycling Service
    There's a New FREE Service in Canewood. Free pickup of Recyclable Aluminum & Tin Cans as well as Plastic Bottles & Jars. Check our web site for schedule and details.
  • Play nicely in the sandbox or move somewhere else
    I agree with David Trimble, if you don't like the rennovations/improvements/enhancements Don is making, then move. There are pleanty of people who dream of living in a subdivision on a golf course with a pool and nice resturant that serves alcohol so they can have a glass of wine with dinner.

    No one likes to play with the kid that throws sand in the sandbox. This is what you are doing to Don and Mr. Barlow and I for one do not think it is right. These guys do have 'their best interest' in mind...afterall, they live in our neighborhood too. They seem to want a 'resort' atmosphere and I'm behind them 100%. One day we may need to sell our beautiful houses and how are we going to with a market like we are in now if we don't have something that distinguishes us from the rest?

    I am very thankful that the HOA has not been turned over to the neighborhood. It seems the 'noisemakers' are the ones that wish nothing more than to see Canewood go downhill. I fear that these would be the ones elected if power were overturned to the homeowners. I would love nothing more than to see those of us who love our neighborhood and whats best for it SPEAK UP instead of all the whining about Mr. Barlow and Don. Maybe then these whiners will get the hint that our community doesn't need this and they will find some other neighborhood to destroy.

    I for one am very excited about the rennovations. In fact, the 'modernization' is what finally made us choose to live in Canewood. I take great pride in telling people about where I live and I hope the rest of you will too.
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